Centralized FDD for
your enterprise

Steer next-gen Fault Detection and Diagnostics engine that interacts with facilities workflows to automate real-time solutions for anomalies in building performance.

The missing link to
full-blown proactive operations
Unlock data from multi-vendor automation systems enterprise-wide and aggregate on cloud
Derive insights from super intelligent analytics using AI and ML straight into your workflow
Take the leap from preventive to predictive, ambush defects, and procure real-time diagnostics
Receive real-time notification for performance deviations and automate on-the-spot remedy
Simplified FDD engine that solves inefficiencies end-to-end
Centralized alarm management engine across portfolio
Avoid the bumpy path of implementing different software for monitoring disparate data. Multiple vendor-systems? Different communication protocols? No problem.
Facilio helps you cut across all barriers to centralize asset and sustainability performance in real-time across the portfolio. Achieve immediate response to disruptions and hit the bull’s eye with reliability targets. Gain not just molecular visibility into EnPIs, system failure trends, resolution time, etc. but also extensive intelligence on assets health and potential for energy savings across buildings.
Centralized alarm management engine across portfolio
 Foresee system anomalies with the power of ML
Foresee system anomalies
with the power of ML
Harness ML-driven predictive analytics to stay informed of disruptions in the near future. System-identified prediction can tip you off on bag filter replacement a few days before it’s due, predicting its lifetime, or load prediction for the next one week!

Facilio’s Machine Learning modeling captures behaviour patterns from historical data. Make sure shot calls on identifying asset end of life period, or spare part replacement and initiate action even before it strikes!
Intertwine FDD with FM operations
Instantly respond to anomalies, focus on high priority issues and closely monitor your team’s alarm response effectiveness with an in-house FDD capability.

Facilio’s unified alarm module comfortably sits on your operations framework to minimize lags induced by manual interventions. Perform condition-based maintenance and fast-track rectification jobs by automating work orders/workflows within Facilio. Automate work order creation as alarm response. Get support to conditionally remote control systems (like defined setpoint or on/off changes).
  Intertwine FDD with FM operations
 Drill down root cause analysis
Drill down root cause analysis
Pinpoint the source of the anomaly to the exact sub-component of a complex system in real-time. Save time from dwelling on trial-and-error methods to spot the cause. Make the most of prescriptive analytics that tags solution along with the root cause.

Focus effort on fault resolution and breathe efficiency into your operations. Leverage the power of AI to evaluate trends, derive insights from recurring equipment defects, and route maintenance activities.
Fluid alarm configuration
with customizable layers
Plug and play one of the many pre-defined templates to easily set up alarms by yourself. Expansively establish alarm rules to uniquely reflect your building conditions. Accurately define alarm rules based on simple or complex conditions.

Go beyond embracing alarms as a black box and micro-control each of its functionalities. Facilio’s flexible alarm interface empowers you to put every twitch of your building assets under the microscope and never be caught by surprise by its sub-optimal performance.
Fluid alarm configuration with customizable layers
Alarms redefined as
problem solvers
Smart filtering
Correlate alarms arising from a common root cause, apply filters and auto-suppress the redundant ones.
Severity-based priority
Tend to critical issues on priority and plug the holes of massive cost drain. Allocate resources based on what seeks immediate attention.
Specify complex criteria
Easily define alarm rules with complex relationships between various parameters.
Generate and schedule digestible reports in infinite ways to study data with your choice of dimensions.
Unify stakeholders
Impart contextual knowledge to your O&M Contractors, BMS Controls Contractors, Building & Portfolio owners, and tenants via comprehensive reports.
Scale-up with ease
Add any number of points, across locations and diverse systems to consistently monitor performance at every level.
Unleash efficiency with
FDD-connected Operations
  • Continuous commissioning
    Optimize operations with real-time monitoring and correct-as-you-go approach. Earn tenant delight, and amass savings over many years in the future.
  • Success extrapolation
    Easily replicate alarm configuration in one building to its sisters. Apply learnings from a similar type of system or equipment to others.
  • Data-backed decisions
    Scrutinize every asset, and monitor cost impact due to every instance of energy inefficiency. Extract solid corroboration to aid in vendor contract negotiation.
Facilio - Energy ROI
Facilio - Energy ROI
Facilio - Energy ROI

Join the club of modern data-driven CREs

Facilio's connected buildings approach has helped us upgrade the quality of service for our customers, using the same resources and assets that were at our disposal earlier. We increased our workforce productivity by 13% within 6 months of digitizing operations using Facilio.

Sangeetha B
GM, Al Fajer.

Facilio has changed the way we manage buildings. It’s time-consuming to deliver CRE solutions, especially to large projects (that of a leading airline company) - so having a single tool to track, manage, and control asset performance in real-time is incredible. We now have a central place to manage distributed properties more efficiently.

Bhadra Prasad
Operations Manager, Middle East

Facilio is a very powerful tool. We were able to quickly connect portfolio systems, set up a command center, and scale O&M services across properties effectively.

Paulo D

With more than 35 distributed workspace infrastructure, we were looking at ways to efficiently optimize operations and maintenance activities across our portfolio. Facilio gave us a single centralized platform to organize mobile maintenance schedules, compliance activities, and manage vendor workflows, across multiple locations.

Deepak Dhadich
Senior VP

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