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Building portfolios are sick of bygone CMMS/CaFM software and its barriers to efficiency—not anymore. Built for the new digital world, Facilio is your freedom to operate with infinite chances to efficiency.
Here's why you need Facilio
Hello everyone—

I’m Prabhu Ramachandran, CEO here at Facilio.

It's 2021. We need to talk about CMMS for buildings.

Full disclosure: CMMS is core to your operations tech stack. It digitizes assets and maintenance. And in that, it works ‘fine’.

But that’s an awful threshold to evaluate technology today.

CMMS, in its current form, is stuck in a rut. It’s fixated on the ‘what’ of operations (assets, work orders, parts, and policies) while zero thought goes into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind them.

For instance, you are forced to revamp processes—from approvals to ticketing to audit trails—to work around CMMS limitations. 'Dirty' work—manual excel & reporting—is required to get any real business value.

CMMS today feels like a trap. But it shouldn't. It needs to become an impetus to your business/operations.

Real estate CMMS needs rethinking. Period!

We need newness, not bygone software repurposed under different acronyms.

We need a systemic change to the tech stack—that can deliver a unified experience with equal focus on improving asset performance, automating workflows, and engaging all stakeholders involved.

What we need is one powerful platform and infinite ways to efficiency.

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