May 2023

What's new with Facilio

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Here’s what is new on the platform:

Vendor kiosk: Running into trouble with vendor compliance? With Facilio’s updated vendor kiosks, define conditions and automate authorization for entry, set up restrictions based on the vendor’s licenses, and leave them a fully-customisable message - maybe even a reminder to update their work status on their mobile devices! Usher in wider adoption and better compliance in one swoop.

Job Plan Revisioning: A job plan lets you define a template with tasks that are useful across multiple PPM activities. Now, update your job plans without a worry in the world. With Job Plan Revisioning, make changes to job plans and apply them to all associated work orders. Also simply disable the job plan to stop it from being associated to new work orders without changing how it applies to earlier ones. Track and view version history in the job plan summary.

Glimpses: Hate fiddling around the CMMS when you need specific information? With Glimpses, configure up to six fields to provide a quick glance of any module that would pop-up when you hover over a lookup field within the module.

Commenting: Take O&M collaboration up a notch with the new commenting feature. Add and edit comments, tag your team, and get notified about mentions. Reference records within the module you are commenting in to add context to your statements. Reply to comments and maintain threads, so you never lose track of what is happening. You can even add attachments and set your default comment privacy to match your needs.