April 2023

What's new with Facilio

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Here’s what is new on the platform:

Request for Quotes: Sit back and leverage hassle-free procurement with Facilio. This much-awaited feature allows you to create RFQs from multiple purchase requests, award the bid to one or more vendors, and initiate purchase orders for selected vendors, all from the same place.

Surveys: Bid adieu to guesswork and gauge real customer satisfaction with Surveys that tenants and occupants can take up on any device. Configure multiple surveys for a single work order and gather in-depth feedback to enhance customer experience and streamline your operations. Default Customer Satisfaction Survey available to help you get started.

Scoping: Steer clear of inadvertent data security lapses and declutter data for your team en route. With app and user-level scoping across the portfolio, map data to the right stakeholders, restrict unauthorized access to modules that are not in their purview, and control it all from one place.

Shifts and Shift Planner: Get a comprehensive birds eye view of your organization and workforce. Assign shifts, associate employees, create rosters for custom time periods, download or print the shift planner to ensure faster planning and better communication. Combined with Break and Attendance, your employees can mark their attendance and you can track working hours within Facilio.

Routes and Associated Entities: Define routes within your site and reference assets and spaces as route stops for your technician. Sequence route stops to determine the order in which the tasks should be completed for effortless planning and execution.