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End of standalone, legacy software

The best property operations teams work together as a holistic unit. They are constantly optimizing for efficiency, driven by shared goals and a joint vision.

The irony is, even the best teams are bogged down by software that are unsuited for such a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

And a glaring example is your CMMS.

Despite being a core O&M function, today’s maintenance technologies are outdated, self-contained, limiting efficiency, agility, and stakeholder accessibility:

Why is my CMMS so rigid? Why can't I customize it to my org needs?

How can I make it accessible for all stakeholders?

Do I have to shift my way of working to suit the demands of the CMMS product?

The new ‘Agile Operations Era’ today clearly asserts the demand for a more flexible, and contextually integrated O&M software that caters across the board!

Global real estate portfolio owners and operators alike are increasingly turning to holistic efficiency-drivers that can contextually integrate workflows and provide seamless accessibility to enterprise-wide O&M insights - and this webinar aims to do just that.

Meet the Speakers

Jonathan Thomas
President, Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC)
A seasoned professional in the smart buildings and asset management industry, Jonathan is the founder of BMOC, an asset management program consultant company for large portfolios of buildings. Specialized in all things CMMS optimization, he has dedicated his entire career to help real estate and FM organizations get their asset management programming off the ground.
Doug Litwiller
Business Development Manager, BMOC
An eminent thought leader in the FM industry, Doug has held senior positions throughout his career including Associate Director for Energy Conservation at the University of Iowa. A true evangelist in the asset management sector, Doug is passionate about spreading the gospel of effective asset management and has created a number of interinstitutional FM collaboration groups.
Tony Callis
Sales Director, Americas, Facilio Inc.
A veteran in delivering innovative SaaS solutions for large enterprise clients, Tony has over 30+ years of experience spanning senior roles in hospitality, helping clients define portfolio data strategy and optimize their facilities maintenance operations. A true evangelist in the IoT sector, Tony is passionate about using technology to future proof real estate O&M.

What you’ll learn

The state of current CMMS: Breaking down opportunities for modern, economic maintenance decisions
Ways to enhance agility and customer experience with an integrated CMMS approach
How to align CMMS to larger strategic projects using data & IoT (eg. smart building solutions, command control center, remote portfolio automation, etc)