Smart Buildings Webinar Series - Session 2

Optimizing Portfolio-wide Building Performance

How Limbach Enhances Energy and System Performance for Multiple Buildings with a Software-first Approach
4th October 2023
3:00 PM BST | 10:00 AM EDT | 7:30 PM IST

Richard Davis
Director of Product, Limbach

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Feeling lost in the fragmented landscape of energy management solutions? Wondering where the ultimate key is to unlock your building systems' full potential, while also cutting down on energy waste and ramping up your sustainability initiatives? You’re not alone.

Join us in our upcoming webinar to explore how Limbach, a leading US building solutions firm, has taken its commitment to sustainability to the next level.

With Facilio, they've not only saved significant energy costs but also improved asset and building performance for their clients' portfolios in 15+ buildings across five sites!

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Limbach’s software-first approach to enterprise facility operations and how they:
    • Enable a single pane of glass remote monitoring of facility assets and energy usage
    • Implemented over 300+ FDD rules for real-time performance monitoring and timely fault resolutions
    • Deliver improved comfort levels and a better visitor experience
  • How Limbach leveraged Facilio’s Connected Buildings solution to improve energy and operational efficiency | Product walkthrough

Richard Davis, with over 13 years in the mechanical industry, now directs Product Management at Limbach. He drives advancements in the Insights platform, leveraging his MEP and energy analysis expertise. Richard possesses profound expertise in the deployment of cost-cutting strategies, enhancing energy efficiency, and scrutinizing data to empower building owners in making informed equipment decisions.

Shane comes with over 10 years of global experience in the O&M space. He works closely with all aspects of the sales process, delivering subject matter expertise to support the sales cycle, and is skilled in large enterprise deals, networking, negotiation, leadership, business planning, and relationship management. Before Facilio, Shane was a part of Salesforce and Accruent and believes in establishing deep customer trust and unprecedented employee engagement through technology.

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