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How PD7 connected buildings and
eliminated 80% of breakdowns
within 8 months of adopting Facilio?
40 %
Reduction in asset
Portfolio growth and
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97 %
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Mr. Paulo D
CEO, PD7 Technology
Facilio is a powerful tool. We’re able to scale facility operations and services across large portfolio buildings effectively.
Numbers that Matter
Less than 10% of unplanned work orders
Favourite Facilio Feature
Customizable dashboards, KPI Cards decked on an intuitive interface.
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Assured success with 24*7 Customer support
Making innovation the new dimension in property operations
PD7 Technologies, one of the renowned operations and maintenance (O&M) services companies in South America, is driven by its mission to provide uber quality services via tech-driven solutions.
With over a decade of presence in the region, the company has built its reputation as an innovative O&M service provider, managing over 200+ customers across 5 million sq.ft and is constantly looking to level up customer experiences.
How to centrally optimize portfolio operations?
Dealing with large portfolios of buildings with distributed locations, PD7 had to make do with tedious operational strategies and dead-end tools to manage their grand scale of operations. Like many tech-inclined FM companies, PD7 team faced 3 main challenges with their execution model:

Aging and incompatible building systems

Multi-vendor systems were hard to manage and demanded vendor dependency or specialized skill set for every insight

Lack of portfolio-level visibility

With tools limited to a building or site-level management, there was no way to centralize contextual data, view insights across the portfolio or create value for customers

Low Productivity gains

With siloed, inefficient operations, it was impossible for teams to remotely operate or solve problems in real-time leading to frictional and reactive experiences

Connected portfolio: command and control centre using Facilio
In early 2019, PD7 partnered with Facilio to optimize operating costs in real-time and better add value to its customers. With Facilio, PD7 unified all building systems and data points on the cloud, ultimately creating a seamless operational experience. PD7 widened the scope of its innovation by predictively optimizing building assets. Facilio delivered massive cost savings to PD7 by means of zero hardware outlays for system integration, minimized penalties for SLA violations, and a better-equipped workforce.

So why did PD7 choose Facilio?

With a passion to put advanced technology front and center in their ways of managing facilities, PD7 could uncover blind spots across maintenance, assets, and easily manage multiple tenants with Facilio. They implemented connected-building portfolio with a ‘zero hardware’ demanding slim budget, and achieved:

Live Portfolio Performance Monitoring
Centrally aggregate all automation data(across system make, communication protocols, and locations) on one platform.
Live track performance of operations, asset, and maintenance across the portfolio
Leverage connected assets for a comprehensive view of data points, foresee anomalies and take real-time corrective actions.
Access portfolio-level insights to ingest building-wise performance of maintenance, superior asset models, staff productivity, SLA adherence and so on.
Facilio - Building performance optimisation
Facilio - Dynamic Reporting
Dynamic Reporting
Customizable report generation based on any specific data point across the portfolio.
The data platform seamlessly extracts system parameters to throw light on operational realities in any building, be it cross-functional, cross-location, or cross-team.
Personalized dashboards to tenants with individual logins to impart enhanced building operational knowledge.
Actionable insights tied to operations
By tightly integrating data emanating from sensors and BMSs to Facilio’s centralized intelligent platform, PD7 could seamlessly establish communication between assets, analytics, and maintenance, without uprooting existing infrastructure.
With automation driving fully mobile workflows in every function, they achieved improved uptime and delivered real-time building visibility to customers.
Facilio -PD7 technology partners
Data-driven Ops for proactive maintenance

Value-added strategic partner to
customers by consistently
delivering real-time insights

Unified control on mobile maintenance,
SLA adherence, benchmarking,
labor contracts - all in tandem.

Strengthened customer base
by enabling deeper engagement
with property operations.

Future-proof your buildings today

  • Centralized data
  • Rapid Deployment
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