How Al Fajer FM improved
Workforce Productivity by 13%
within 6 months of digitizing operations.
connected assets managed
across portfolio.
80 +
proactive planned maintenance
using 52-week PPM calendar
13 %
increase in productivity
due to workforce efficiency
Ms. Sangeetha
GM, Al Fajer
Facilio's connected buildings approach has helped us upgrade the quality of service for our customers, using the same resources and assets that were at our disposal earlier.
We are Proud of
Harnessing technology to create operational advantage.
Numbers that Matter
Consistent 80% planned maintenance ratio, and a 13% increase in workforce productivity.
Favourite Facilio Feature
Planned schedule 52 week calendar and contextual mobile apps.
Our Sustainability Thumb Rule
Digitization from paper module.
Becoming a fully digitized FM services
Al Fajer, a facilities management company with more than 3000 employees and operations across the GCC region, has embraced the vision of providing such a digitally enhanced and tech-driven model of FM to its enterprise clients. The fundamental change in approach this involves is for facilities management services to emerge as strategic enablers that deliver value-addition to commercial real estate owners, rather than remaining a passive cost center. The company currently manages and maintains more than 300 buildings in the UAE and is widely regarded as an industry leader. Sangeetha Balakrishna, Al Fajer’s Deputy CEO, was featured in the 2018 fmME Power 50 list, which recognizes thought leaders and influencers within facilities management, in the Middle East.
Rigid and inflexible tools lacking customization
The digital resources and tools that Al Fajer had depended on prior to deploying Facilio’s IoT based solution were traditional ERP software and rigidly defined FM software with relatively limited functionality. The limitations imposed by this legacy approach included being held back by the limited functionality of legacy software and an inability to provide customer experiences that the company aspired to. Most CaFM solution providers lacked mobile support that enabled on-the-go decision making, a critical factor for proactive facilities management.
  • Legacy tools
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Not real-time
How Al Fajer Facilities Management Improved Workforce Productivity by 13%
Deploying Facilio to centralize operations
Wanting to drive a delightful tenant experience across facilities, Al-Fajer used Facilio to digitize their operations and maintenance across portfolios
Contextualized & mobile-driven maintenance
Fully mobile preventive and breakdown maintenance.
Contextualised with real-time and historical asset information.
QR code enabled, location-tagged, before and after picture verification.
Digitally signed invoices on repair completion.
Facilio - Building performance optimisation
Facilio - Energy ROI
Compliance of work and productivity of the workforce (KPIs, SLAs)
Fully digitised 52-week PPM calendar in an easy-to-consume view.
Improved workforce productivity (response rate, time to completion).
Visibility on assets causing downtime, sites with high unplanned ratio.
Custom notifications on stage movement, custom approval configuration.
Portfolio-wide insights on financial and operational decisions
Custom dashboards (executives to supervisors) for real-time understanding.
Improved SLAs enabling transparency with end customers.
Periodic reports on overall portfolio operations with drill down (service wise breakdown to see staffing gaps, Top N sites with high compliance ratio, Top N teams, and more).
Facilio - Work order management

Digitized FM operations across the portfolio that results in delightful occupant experiences
Facilio - Smart AE case study
Aligned FM Teams

Actionable insights into active assigned
and unassigned work orders, and who
is handling them.

Data-driven Top Management

Real-time Data with actionable insights
on maintenance compliance, efficiency
of the workforce, and more.

Happy Customers/Tenants

Digitized operations that provide
visibility and KPI driven insights that
ensures transparency.