Restart properties confidently with adaptable solutions for operations and maintenance
In these challenging times, empower your property teams with increased agility
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Seize the zero hour
before RE-OPEN
The emerging reality is one where property owners continue to operate real estate portfolios with a lean workforce, under stringent cost structure, while complying with dynamic operating guidelines.
While property teams are putting their best foot forward to navigate the new condition, the stakes get even higher as we move further - to quickly adapt, and accelerate the path forward.
The question then remains, how do we equip ourselves to effectively respond in this dynamic environment?
Smoothly transition your operations with data-driven solutions
With REbuild, you have a powerful set of tools to help your teams optimize building operations, turn insights to avenues for cost reduction & operational efficiency - in all circumstances.
Hygiene Management
Digitize disinfection of properties at scale
Centrally manage disinfection of high touch areas and deep cleaning measures across properties. Proactively track essential inventory, build confidence with tenants by effectively communicating real-time hygiene updates - all with zero-dependency on your existing CMMS solutions.
Off-the-rack hygiene routines
Digital record of disinfection, photo capture on mobile
Portfolio-wide hygiene compliance
Cleaning supplies & inventory management
Live updates, health score display for tenants
Connect disparate data sources
Activate intelligence with cloud-native FDD
Visitor Management
Enable touchless visitor entry and contact tracing
Streamline arrivals and provide a comfortable environment for visitors even with enhanced screening. Enable a touchless sign-in experience and protect your property by recording essential visitor information on the purpose of visit, travel history, and wellness etc. for contact tracing
No touch QR-code based check-in
Digital record of visitor information
Host and spaces accessed for contact tracing
Pre-register visitors, print badge
Notify hosts ahead of time
Portfolio Analytics & Compliance
Adapt operations to support new SOP
Prepare for safe re-opening of properties by enabling portfolio-wide visibility of regulatory compliances and SOP adherence, on cloud. Leverage REbuild to capture real-time data from existing BAS, get critical insights on HVAC and indoor air quality compliance, and proactively act on areas that may put occupants at risk.
Real-time BAS data capture
Portfolio-wide fault detection & diagnostics
Drill down analytics for insights on HVAC, IAQ compliance
Benchmark against Covid-19 guidelines
Automated workflows for escalation & work request
Connect disparate data sources
Activate intelligence with cloud-native FDD
Portfolio Automation
Remotely control BAS across properties
Position yourself to align portfolio-wide operations to dynamic changes in HVAC guidelines and tenant requests based on occupancy, space occupied, or season. Respond with agility and deploy BAS changes across properties by automating trigger based sequences, bulk schedules and overrides.
Portfolio-level automation & control
Automate trigger based BAS operations
Bulk setpoint overrides
Dynamic HVAC scheduling
Across multi-vendor building systems
Touchless Occupant Controls
Welcome tenants safely with touchless experiences
Confidently welcome back tenants by enabling touchless app-based access to spaces and controls of lighting, HVAC points, or elevator calls. Build trust and extend a touchless experience for access control, and visits across properties.
Mobile-app based HVAC control
Touchless elevator entry
Touchless access control
Touchless lighting and ambient control
Connect disparate data sources
Activate intelligence with cloud-native FDD
Operational Command Center
Monitor reopening readiness with data-driven decisions
Access a single pane of glass operational data across the portfolio. Benchmark against C-19 guidelines for hygiene, maintenance, BAS operations, and tenant management. Spot strained areas instantly and intelligently automate response workflows - all from one place.
Single pane of glass to determine property readiness
Unified data engine for operations
Integrates with existing business systems
Ready-to-deploy Facilio apps for O&M
Customize & extend workflows to your needs
“Facilio has been immensely supportive in scaling our operations during tough times. Their REbuild toolkit provided granular visibility into our portfolio performance, allowing us to control expenses and operate efficiently during this hour. The transition was unbelievably smooth to the new operating guidelines.”
Sumith Sukumaran
Operations Head, Quality Group
Build resilience with a neatly laid out recovery strategy
Centralized building data
Centrally consolidate hard-to-access building data across the portfolio onto a single platform by connecting existing automation systems, sensor and devices
Zoomed-in exec visibility
Gain remote visibility into portfolio-wide operational performance with custom KPIs, drilled-down impact reporting and real-time dashboards
Cloud-native apps
Break free from site-level restrictions to unlock holistic efficiency. Empower remote efficiency for your teams with fully mobile operations, on cloud
Faster and remote onboarding
Be it deploying hygiene templates or setting up a virtual response room - our remote-assisted platform can be onboarded in a few weeks, not months
Hassle-free no code integration
Deploy return to operations strategy at ease - seamless integration with multi-vendor systems, augment existing apps & workflows to generate quick wins.
No-barrier scaling of ops
Focus on improving performance across the portfolio. Adopt highly scalable infra that’s future-ready to add new systems, apps & workflows for the new normal
Designed for flexible and faster time-to-value
Emerge stronger on the other side, together
As you gear up for the new normal, it's important more than ever to collectively seek direction & best practices from industry experts who have practically deployed operating models for remote efficiency. At Facilio, we’ve created an educational platform to open up dialogue and collaborate with the best minds in the industry. Join 100s of other REbuild leaders who are learning new ways to meet post-pandemic operational demands.
Frequently asked questions

What is REbuild?

REbuild from Facilio is a remote operations toolkit that equips property teams for an impactful post-pandemic response. It enables properties to transition building maintenance to the new guidelines, remotely operate legacy building systems, and provide real-time support for tenants using touchless controls.

Why do you need REbuild now? Who can benefit from it?

With the largely unfamiliar remote environment being the new normal, property management is struggling to cope against an economic standstill with a lean workforce. The need to trim costs while improving efficiency and aligning to the new operating guidelines has put property teams across the globe in pressure.

With REbuild, owners and operators now have a robust ready-to-use platform to drive efficiency while expanding profit margins. Built for augmenting remote operations, REbuild serves multiple real estate stakeholders -

  • Impact reporting and remote visibility for executives / owners
  • Virtual command centre and supervisory controls for property managers
  • Remote operations & mobile maintenance for agile workforce
  • Shareable real-time reports and touchless engagement for tenants

I already have a BAS software, why do I need REbuild?

Unlike traditional BAS software, REbuild dissolves operational silos, connects multi-vendor automation systems and optimizes ops performance at the portfolio-level. Furthermore, it

  • Consolidates portfolio-wide buildings data on Facilio’s centralized platform
  • Seamlessly moves BAS operations from on-site to cloud with virtual command control center
  • Augments multi-vendor legacy systems using a proprietary IoT edge
  • Turns data to insights with real-time performance analytics
  • Has extensive integration and customization capabilities
  • Designed for quick and smooth onboarding

Can I integrate REbuild with existing building systems?

Yes, you can. REbuild is designed to seamlessly integrate with multi-vendor building systems and 3rd party apps. There is absolutely no need to uproot your existing infrastructure.

Do I need any additional hardware to deploy REbuild?

No. You do not need any additional hardware to deploy REbuild. REbuild is fully hardware agnostic and takes a pure software-approach to setup remote connectivity and enable cloud-native remote access to building ops.

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