Manage your facilities,
not the software.

For years, you have been bogged down by complex, silo-ed and expensive FM software that makes launching satellites look simpler as opposed to managing facilities. While you juggle diverse responsibilities with self-contained tools, efficiency is often lost in translation.
Switch to modern facilities

Break free from legacy FM software

Shift from broken and reactive facilities now
First, big cheers to you and the FM community at large. Unsung heroes of every brand, you work relentlessly behind the scenes. You strive to provide unique and intuitive facilities experience across your portfolio.
But firefighting issues round the clock is not easy. Definitely not with a software that is rigid and unequipped to solve real-time problems.

End the war with silos

Move forward by unlocking unprecedented efficiency centrally across portfolio
Get a bird’s-eye-view of your portfolio
Which building is performing poor? How to benchmark performance across portfolio? Can I centrally track critical SLAs? There is no way you could derive such meaningful enterprise-level decisions if you can’t centrally access all your buildings data.
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elephant war
elephant war
Get blown away with experience, not hidden costs
You are determined to keep problems across your portfolio at bay. You have just spent a fortune on a software. You want a custom workflow that could optimise critical assets. But wait! You have to pay extra for it! Or worse, it has no scope to customise in the first place.
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There is always room for more efficiency, if only..
Think about it! You book cabs, order a meal, even watch movies on the go! But a chiller that gets switched off unprecedented in a fully automated building requires manual inspection. To top it, there is no real-time context for any stakeholder.
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elephant war
elephant war
Turn reactive to proactive, with real-time context
The biggest bane of reactive facilities is that you are constantly stuck in firefighting mode. With no way to prioritise or proactively solve problems, FMs are left with little to no scope to create value-added experiences
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