February 2023

What's new with Facilio

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It has been an exciting start of the year with a bunch of product improvements to keep your O&M experience top notch with our Connected Operations solutions. Here’s a roundup of our recent updates!

Here’s what is new on the platform:

Export-restricted fields: We've added a new export feature that allows you to restrict the export of confidential fields by configuration, protecting sensitive data about your portfolio maintenance from getting passed around.

Stateflow QR codes: You can now scan QR codes to start maintenance activity and move state flow stage, ensuring timely updates on the status of work orders. This feature provides visibility across the work order lifecycle and greater accountability, helping you avoid blind spots in your maintenance cycle.

SLA for inspections: Scheduled inspections that are not initiated on time will be automatically escalated for resolution, to maintain the highest standards of quality assurance/service delivery. This feature enables you to tap into greater accountability, avoiding the risk of asset deterioration due to irregular care/inspection.

Quotes for mobile: You can now view and manage quotes created for each work order on any device from anywhere, eliminating the need to be on your laptop to approve or manage quotes. This will help you leverage quicker work completion times, higher tenant satisfaction, and better vendor relationships.

FDD Rules for historical data: You can now apply new fault detection and impact rules to apply to historical data as well. Take for instance that you set the fault detection threshold for your equipment at ninety percent and have applied the rule on the 30th of January. Run History to check if this has been breached any time in the past; therefore getting an accurate picture, avoiding oversight and better asset health planning for the future.

Live KPI history: The new Live KPI feature allows you to access and apply rules to historical data collected from your assets, giving you better visibility into the usage, energy consumption, and performance of your assets over time.

Safety Plan: To ensure safety compliance and prudence during maintenance tasks, Facilio has introduced a new safety plan feature to upload pre-defined safety rules and hazard warnings. This conveniently integrates into your scheduled work orders and lowers the risk during risky safety checks.