February 2020

What’s new with Facilio?

We've been working hard to infuse more power into your building management arsenal. Get set to embark on a fast lane to CRE portfolio growth because our data platform got even more powerful!

Custom Modules

Break free from rigid, immutable operating models

Empower teams with flexible workflows

Quit dealing with rigid layouts and shun redundancy. With the power to flexibly design custom modules, forms and fields, pave the way for a highly agile workforce.

Easily meet your specific needs

Help your teams break free from data missout due to field constraints. With unlimited field options for forms, all required data finds entry into your system.

Leverage modularity for unique scenarios

Be it collating asset information by category, or designing tenant-specific lease contract variants, adopt an overarching platform to fit every function.

Connect disparate data sources
Dynamic SLAs

Never compromise on any compliance standard

Embrace process-driven automation

Strengthen every component of your operations performance by binding them with exclusive SLAs. With enriched SLAs that penetrate any module like asset category, space, cost, work permit, tenant, etc., stay on top of every functional move in your building.

Speed up response to disruptions

Flexibly re-assign SLA at chosen levels, view granular reports on compliance at every step, and enhance your operational processes with customizable escalation.

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How It Works


Define SLA for any type of criteria


Step up with multiple levels of escalation


Amplify notification with multiple modes at any level

Muti-persona apps

Enable optimal collaboration under one roof

Single platform for synergistic portfolio-wide operations

Empower multiple stakeholders to manage and operate centrally through a seamless and simplified interaction process.

Faster interface and persona-focussed service

Now, use dedicated apps for vendors, tenants, and property occupants to engage with your building and obtain rich contextual insights.

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Connect disparate data sources
Connect disparate data sources

Strengthened FDD with powerful root cause engine

Quantify the financial impact of anomalies

Easily associate a cost to your alarm so you can precisely know about the cost equivalent of your building’s energy outages.

Save up on time to analyze faults and up your teams’ efficiency

Flexibly link the main alarm rule to multiple root-cause rules to accurately pinpoint/drill-down to the actual fault in the system.

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