What’s Awaiting You At The NYC Real Estate Tech Week 2019

As a professional in the commercial real-estate sector, you are probably surrounded by new technologies and solutions.

No doubt the changing scenario is driving your curiosity about how to best utilize the emerging disruptors in this competitive market.

What is the significance of enterprise-scale IoT and AI-driven platforms, as a catalyst to this much needed change?

The world is now moving towards the point where “technology” and  “data” are being added to the list of basic necessities in life.

And threading the right message and leading the movement from the forefront is quite imperative. The NYC Real Estate Tech Week focuses on leveraging Technology and Data in Real Estate and Property ecosystem.

Let’s attempt to decipher these trends.

A big part of what has been shaping a modern industry is the access to data, and putting it to use. You are probably aware of just how massive amounts of information generated by building automation and management systems are.

It is not likely to surprise you that the future of commercial real estate can be significantly altered in terms of workforce efficiency, asset lifecycle, and sustainability, using data that is already available yet inaccessible today.

So, Here’s a quick guide to plan your way around NYC RE Tech 2019

#1 Creating a data and tech-centric RE ecosystem

Operational data as a resource – most industries have reaped the benefits of data-driven operational efficiency. RE is catching close to it.

Building infra has systems from multiple manufacturers and proprietary protocols but now the possibility of true system-wide transparency is here.

The real deal is building owners now have the opportunity to make data-driven decisions on operations & maintenance by centrally connecting diverse building systems a/c portfolio onto a unified data platform and feeding that information to facilities workflows.

Succinctly, the concept of “Smart Buildings” will be taking the world by storm, by not just flocking together data but also by paving the right way forward to make strategic decisions on real-time circumstances involving workforce, mechanized assets, sustainability, the tenant experience, and more.

#2 Interesting sessions on cards

From making new connections to stay current with the latest trends, PropTech events and conference can be crucial to the success of Real Estate professionals to learn and grow by sharing best practises and practical wisdom with the ecosystem.

Day 1 : 12th November, 2019

Packed with expert-led conference on NYC Real Estate Tech Week

  • Embracing technology to positively impact user experiences, by Ryan Anderson
  • Forecasting the future: MIT and JLL share their findings, presented by Ben Breslau and Andrea Chegut
  • Tech for sustainability: Accelerating the pace for greener buildings, by Anthony E.Malkin

Day 2 : 13th November, 2019

Actionable, interesting and insightful sessions on

  • What buildings look like when Robots take-over, by Nikki Greenberg and Aline Tom
  • A Data Bill of Rights: The Key to Unlocking Innovation, by John Gilbert, Tira Odhner and David S. Rose
  • ConTech: Building a better built environmentArdalan Khosrowpour, Malorie Brodie and Robert Otani share their views on the latest contech trends, and what is at stake when it comes to accelerating the pace of construction, a key, problem-solving component of the evolution of our cities

Day 3 : 14th November, 2019

Nordic PropTech Showcases

The Consulate General of Finland, Business Finland, the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce New York, Nordic Innovation House and Nordic City Solutions are hosting exciting new opportunities in property management and technologies!

For those looking to get into PropTech or to find new talent for their PropTech initiatives at 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM on Thursday there will be the first-ever PropTech Career Fair at the Williamsburg Hotel, hosted by AnySizeDeals.

Later that day, ASDInnovate will commence with a story of venture capital in PropTech by Ryan Freedman CEO of Corigin and Jake Fingert Managing partner at Camber Creek.

The Women in PropTech Gala that starts at 6 pm at 200 Park Avenue. With all of the amazing women in PropTech, it is shaping up to be an incredibly impactful event that will hopefully open the door for many more women to participate in what is already a great female PropTech ecosystem.

Day 4 : 15th November, 2019

“Anything You Do I Can Do Better” panel at 11:20 AM where some of the biggest commercial real estate owners will talk about their strategies to compete with WeWork in agile workspace.

I’m sure these sessions are going to be as exciting as they sound to be!

#3 Get to meet 1:1 with top Real Estate Stalwarts

All-you-can-eat buffet style!

Get to meet people from Proptech, building owners, landlords, FM service providers all at one place. Delve deep into the ocean of resources, thought leaders, Subject matter experts, consultants.

There is undoubtedly a groundswell of support for openness, for connectivity, and technology enablement that allows the free-flow of data throughout the enterprise for efficient and insights-led building operations and maintenance.

The icing on the cake . . . Future-ready technology

The real estate industry continues to possess immense wealth of knowledge and expertise and its time for them to work closely with technology providers to future-proof the built environment and transform towards a new world with best results. On those lines, do check out our CEO Prabhu Ramachandran speak about ‘Enabling a Centralised Data Platform for operations & maintenance a/c portfolio’ at 9.30am on Nov 13, at the Flash Talk arena.

At Facilio, we’re excited to meet and brainstorm with the best minds in NYC RE. Currently managing over 30 million Sqft commercial space globally, we are super-stoked to share valuable content, case studies and solve bottlenecks in Real Estate and Property space.

This is our first time at NYC Real Estate Tech Week and the energy is contagious. If you’re around, don’t forget to drop by Booth B9 and say hi to our team!

Interested in Facilio?