Manage workplace as a connected entity

Drive excellent experience by covering all aspects of your workplace management with intuitive space visualization, room booking, occupant service request, and an end-to-end visitor management.

Visualize everything you
need in a single feed
Achieve zone level and site level drill-down into all active work orders, assets, and energy to stay on top of your expenses. Leverage the power of smart IoT to maintain ambient temperature across all your buildings. View floor and space availability across portfolio, and plan for space constraints in the future. Ensure a delightful tenant experience across the corporate with planned moves that do not affect everyday functionality.
 Visualize everything you need in a single feed
 Deliver a facility experience that exceeds expectations
Deliver a facility experience that
exceeds expectations
Deliver a first-class facility experience with ultra-responsive issue resolution fueled by real-time actionable insights. Help your tenants easily avail additional maintenance services, including service management, occupant service requests, complaints, rating, and vendor service requests.
Smart Booking
Let your meetings run late,
not your teams!
Block any meeting hall with a single click and ensure timely collaboration with multiple attendees. Block meeting halls with all the required accessories and assets, starting from furniture to electronics, stationery, and more. Have meeting attendees and guests automatically authorized at entry and their navigation provided through an intuitive mobile application. Have a smart meeting experience with the rescheduling of maintenance activities and a seamless parking reservation.
Let your meetings run late, not your teams
Help your visitors be at the
right place and time
Simplify visitor management with visitor profiles segmented for you by choosing from out-of-the-box options such as guest, employee, interviewee, vendor, etc. or create an entirely new visitor profile. Provide every visitor a seamless, hassle-free experience by automating all their next steps through a simple workflow. Integrate directions with an easy-to-access Kiosk or an intuitive mobile application that helps them navigate to the desired location precisely.
Keep every tenant both
safe and comfortable
Prioritize visitor convenience while still maximizing safety with various touchpoints such as check-in approval, notifications, and more. Reduce continuous back-and-forth between visitors and hosts by automating each step in the entry process. Guide your visitors by notifying their host through SMS, message, or e-mail. Monitor every visitor closely by creating a watch list from government records and smartly respond to intruders with automated triggers that notify security, and host for immediate action.
  Keep every tenant both safe and comfortable
Manage your workplace
end-to end
Automation Controls
Assign an ambient temperature for every building and watch all your assets working in tandem to maintain it with ZERO interference.
Visualize your entire floor plan that includes a geographical outlay of the floor space in 2D and 3D, pulled from your existing BIM systems
Co-working and seating arrangement
Proactively plan desk-booking to ensure maximum space and asset utilization. Plan team moves henceforth with a click of a button.
Move Management
Gain insights for moves including furniture, lights and asset allocation. Plan in advance and execute moves quickly
Corporate Lease Management
Manage rents for multiple places, proactively monitor rental agreement, have a record of past leases, their expiry dates, and initiate renewal conversations.
Occupant Comfort
Ensure maximum occupant comfort through one intuitive workplace app. Digitally connect your employees to their physical workplace

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Facilio's connected buildings approach has helped us upgrade the quality of service for our customers, using the same resources and assets that were at our disposal earlier. We increased our workforce productivity by 13% within 6 months of digitizing operations using Facilio.

Sangeetha B
GM, Al Fajer.

Facilio has changed the way we manage buildings. It’s time-consuming to deliver CRE solutions, especially to large projects (that of a leading airline company) - so having a single tool to track, manage, and control asset performance in real-time is incredible. We now have a central place to manage distributed properties more efficiently.

Bhadra Prasad
Operations Manager, Middle East

Facilio is a very powerful tool. We were able to quickly connect portfolio systems, set up a command center, and scale O&M services across properties effectively.

Paulo D

With more than 35 distributed workspace infrastructure, we were looking at ways to efficiently optimize operations and maintenance activities across our portfolio. Facilio gave us a single centralized platform to organize mobile maintenance schedules, compliance activities, and manage vendor workflows, across multiple locations.

Deepak Dhadich
Senior VP

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