October 2020

What's new with Facilio

We've been working hard to infuse more power into your building management arsenal. Get set to embark on a fast lane to CRE portfolio growth because our data platform got even more powerful!


Get a precise breakdown of energy utilization

Easily consolidate consumption from sub-meters

Wondering how to track the energy consumption for a particular area - space, floor, building, or site? Virtual meter allows you to combine energy readings from multiple physical meters for an accurate calculation of total utilization for any part of your portfolio.

Calculate energy spend in flexible ways

Not only from BAS or other building systems, now you can perform energy metering based on any building variable like running time in hours, power(kVA), and so on, to meet your exact need.

Reduce expenses with physical metering

Use simple and easy-to-install virtual meters to continuously monitor and access data you can use for various purposes like utility bill reconciliation, energy reporting, etc. - without the additional expense that traditional meters bring!

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Connect disparate data sources

Accurately evaluate asset value with access to past issues

Uncover existing issues in the system

Missed out on past issues because you uploaded old BMS data in spreadsheets? Now run historical asset data past your building alarm rules. Surface inherent problems in equipment/ system and get a sense of its performance baseline.

Capture the actual anomalies when alarm rule changes

What if the threshold energy of a supply fan based on recommended value is incorrect, and you decide to change the alarm condition for conditional maintenance? That means - every single alarm this rule gave was faulty! Now quickly course-correct by running historical data on your logs. And calculate alarms based on new conditions.


Know exactly where customer service is slipping

Measure service delivery granularly

Using average values of metrics like response time, etc. to calculate SLA is common - but may fail to capture crucial instances of poor service. By attaching SLA to every service ticket, the grey areas of your service delivery present themselves quite clearly.

Attach different SLAs for different maintenance types

Changing an electrical switch or compressor is not nearly as time-consuming as performing refurbishment works. But similar SLA timelines for widely different tasks may lead to inaccurate reports. Ace your SLAs with the flexibility to define timelines based on maintenance categories.

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Bring efficiency in gathering the right data

Customize work order information for your organization

A common, rigid template for every maintenance activity on your property can be constricting. Your work order templates for electrical jobs and housekeeping shouldn’t look the same! Create or change categories, priorities, and types(corrective, preventive, defects, etc.) to get control of recording the data you desire about any work order.

How It Works

Select Customization

Add a new type of work order

Give description and save