May 2021

What's new with Facilio

We've been working hard to infuse more power into your building management arsenal. Get set to embark on a fast lane to CRE portfolio growth because our data platform got even more powerful!


Automated approvals that suit your unique processes to the T

Critical changes brought to the right authority

Be on top of critical changes happening every day within your building. Now, when a change is made to a priority field or work order, the right authority will be notified and the process won’t be acted upon until approval is received. Track approvals and processes to get a complete picture of everything happening in your building in one tab.

Ensure transparency in each approval

Within the approval order, drill down on the approving authority based on role, user, tenant, team, field, vendor, etc. Reach the right authority for every situation with completely customizable fields for every category of operations—electrical, fire safety, energy, etc. While setting up the approval, decide on the mode of notifications and request for mandatory comments for rejecting an approval order to ensure maximum transparency.


Visualize and compare active usage insights across assets, across sites

Get the most out of every piece of equipment

More often than not, assets run for longer than they need to and at less optimal levels. Time charts show you a report of the absolute time that an asset has been running for. Now, with data-backed reports at hand, you can understand which pieces of equipment are underutilized or overworked and invest accordingly.


One-click decision views with highly focused insights for Cx

Necessary info curated by you for you

Open your custom dashboards every morning, much like how you would a newspaper, and get all your daily updates—in a single glance. Create dashboards to reflect what is most important to you every day and share them with peers and teams to stay connected.

How It Works

Create your own dashboard

Customize it

Share it


Control where your data is coming from

Commission a digital map of your property from any place

A connected portfolio of buildings presents many advantages but identifying and commissioning every sensor in every building takes forever. But now, with the IoT agent moved to the cloud, the sensors in the building can be identified, the data points collected and commissioned—all virtually. Streamlined onboarding process to get you access to coveted features without throttling your bandwidth or wasting your time.

Identify gaps in data and take action instantly

Identify dips in data reception and set alarms for extended absence. Customize the frequency of data collection, configure which points to incorporate and commission. With new software integrations and multiple new protocols supported—Modbus RTU, OPC UA, OPC XML DA, Niagara, to list a few—you can support your building analytics like never before.