March 2023

What's new with Facilio

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Here’s what is new on the platform:

PPM 2.0: Setting up your planned maintenance just got easier. Get started in three steps instead of seven. Leverage the benefits of having information on your fingertips with streamlined preventive maintenance summary shows PPM and work order information, scheduler, and planner. The planner can be configured to include a list of assets, spaces, assignees, and job plans.

Job Plans: Define a base template with tasks that can be useful across multiple PPM activities. You can also add items and tools needed, for easy reference. This template can then directly be mapped within work orders for the specific asset, space, or category, mitigating time wasted on manual input.

Resource Scheduler: Get a real bird’s eye view of your work orders and resources at the same place. View preventive maintenance activities and the technicians working on them. Reassign resources across timelines as needed. View all the activities assigned to a particular resource, and vice-versa, all in one place.

Template sharing: Prevent your team from getting caught in the overwhelming and complicated labyrinth of templates. Assign permission for specific templates to relevant roles, making it accessible only to them. Configure to make these permissions app-specific. Only roles with admin access will be able to modify these permissions.

Camera support for inspections on mobile: Inspectors can now add photographs to their inspection reports from their mobile devices for easy referencing and enhanced visibility.


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