March 2022

What's new with Facilio

We've been working hard to infuse more power into your building management arsenal. Get set to embark on a fast lane to CRE portfolio growth because our data platform got even more powerful!


Achieve flexible task scheduling on the fly with the most effective planner

Save time in scheduling

Job scheduling can be a nightmare in an average PPM calendar. With our timeline view, simply drag-and-drop tasks to change workorder timelines, and/or reschedule maintenance around technician availability (or vice versa). View overdue tasks and on-site technicians side-by-side and get work orders scheduled with a few clicks, no more combing through huge checklists.

Zero blind-spots in your daily operational planning

The timeline view provides end-to-end visibility on the lifespan of every event. With complete data on where each technician stands in terms of work hours, their priority work orders, and the number of work orders completed, there’s no room for delays caused by overlapping schedules. Make informed decisions on vendors and assigning work orders so high-priority tasks do not get lost in the mix.


Achieve employee satisfaction with hassle-free workplace delivery experience

Sync, manage and notify recipients in real-time.

Facilio’s OCR-enabled mobile app enhances your mail room management by automating notifications and reminders, removing mundane manual grunt work. Quickly scan package labels to capture the right employee information and send out package details and the collection point. Employees can also confirm package collection via a mobile app.


Keep your workforce out of harm’s way with a smooth onboarding process

The digital safety-checklist for your site’s vendors, technicians, and visitors

Safety policies and best practices can be site-specific and client-specific. Manual induction for every vendor and technician contracted to work on-site, weighs down the process efficiency and eats up time and money. Facilo’s fully automated online induction capability provides health and safety risk assessment and easy onboarding that can be completed from anywhere via a mobile app. Vendors are assessed, scored, and allowed to take on a work order or enter a site, only if they’ve successfully completed the induction. The induction questionnaire can also be imported and paired with other maintenance modules easily.


Improve your on-demand workorder flows on the go with efficient inspection processes

Detect, notify and resolve unforeseen asset issues

It is a mammoth task to conduct routine preventive checks on a site, space or its assets and tick off tasks on the checklist. But what if you encounter unexpected asset breakdowns or safety hazards on the site? The inspection module in Facilio aids facilities team and auditors in this regard with a customized inspection template. Site auditors can create a questionnaire and provide scores that reflect the health of an asset or a site. You can also automate creating a work order or raise a hazard based on the inspection’s outcome.


Don’t let language differences impede your global expansion plans.

Hassle-free multi-language communication between your global teams.

Large businesses operating across the globe often have stakeholders using the CMMS tool set to their native language. This may cause hiccups in the daily operations when a work order is raised in a language that a vendor isn’t familiar with. Facilio’s integration with Google translate powers live translations making it convenient for every stakeholder to view information within the tool, in a language of their choice.

Future-proof your buildings today