June 2023

What's new with Facilio

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Here’s what is new on the platform:

Improved Impact Calculation: Now access comprehensive insights into your building performance with KPIs. Leverage intelligent algorithms to compute energy wastage and associated costs by analyzing the duration and severity of active faults. Quantify the impact of each fault using a predefined impact formula. Since each building and fault scenario is unique, enjoy the flexibility to customize impact templates that allow the association of specific impacts with different faults.

Enhanced Root Cause Analysis & Scoring: With the enhanced Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Scoring module, technicians can now automate the analysis process to quickly pinpoint the root causes of building issues by grouping and ranking them based on specific conditions and criteria. The higher the score assigned to a specific root cause, the more probable it is to be the actual issue affecting your building's performance. This comprehensive scoring mechanism allows you to prioritize actions and resolve problems efficiently.

New Import Framework: Why go through multiple touchpoints to upload the data you need? Now, simply download the format from the setup, fill it in with the data you want to import, and upload it into your Facilio platform with zero dependencies.

Group Invite for Visitor Management: No more pouring over multiple forms every time you have a group of visitors to your site. Now send invites to a group of visitors and track entry time, number of arrivals, and so much more, all from the same place.

Seasonal PPM: Need a planned maintenance schedule but just for a particular time of the year? Set up a seasonal PPM for any set of months across the year and combine it with the frequency of your choice to be triggered only during the season.