June 2020

What’s new with Facilio?

We've been working hard to infuse more power into your building management arsenal. Get set to embark on a fast lane to CRE portfolio growth because our data platform got even more powerful!


Scale-up energy efficiency with global benchmarking

Gauge the efficiency of your energy measures precisely

Benchmark and evaluate the performance of your property against similar buildings in the world. By automating the exchange of data between the two platforms, easily track building-level trends in energy consumption. Achieve real-time reporting and monitor your progress on efficiency directly in Facilio.

Draw parallels between energy score and costs

Access energy score reports of buildings and keep track of costs against baseline and targets. With in-built ML-powered analytics, get actionable insights on ways to further reduce costs. And with integrated operations, stay assured you are on track to sustainability.

Connect disparate data sources

Redefine BIM as an intelligent interface to control operations

Visualize operational metrics on 3-D space and asset models

Transform BIM into a primary source of data by embedding maintenance workflows into it. Witness your BIM come alive as a holistic application with real-time information on - current running conditions, contextual asset downtime, critical alarms, and even connected work orders!

Avoid redundancy with tightly coupled maintenance systems

Do away with replicating property data from BIM into multiple systems, or vice versa. Save time on re-creating updates across your operational stack with an automatic sync-up between your BIM and CMMS!


Dissolve all the complexities around quotes to tenants

Uncover valuable insights on revenue from work orders

Get zoom-in visibility into an intuitive break up of maintenance costs, or margin from customers. Without the effort of integrating finances, access comprehensive reports on quotes generated, and the gross profits out of them.

Bring ease in communicating with key stakeholders

Use flexible form templates to create quotes and share them with intended stakeholders directly. Get the most out of fully customizable workflows and notifications to simplify the quotation process. Enable tenants to trigger approvals from their mobile app so your team can initiate purchase or procurement from the store and get down to work.

Connect disparate data sources

How It Works


Add line items to your quote


Send custom mail with quote details to any stakeholder


Notify approval requests through various channels

Connect disparate data sources

Attach context to tenant requests

Bring tenant services and operations under one roof

Convert service requests from tenants to contextual work orders for your teams - from within the Zendesk service request platform! Refrain from switching between applications to update tenants on the progress of tasks. Or even gettings your hands on detailed snapshots of tenant interactions.

Simplify tenant interactions

Make it easy for your tenants to communicate any disruption in property services. Enable them to track the action status in real-time. But better still, help them access operational data right from the console of their organizational tool.