July 2023

What's new with Facilio

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Here’s what is new on the platform:

Client Portal: Are you a facility management service provider worried about how your diverse client base can be organized within your CMMS? Look no further. Give your clients access to the exclusive client portal, so you can communicate and track all data specific to your client in one place.

Rotating Items: Individually track rotating items, such as spares and replacements, that will be stored in a storeroom and can come to the actual location when required. Each rotating item will have an asset record, so they can be tracked individually. It will also have an item record to track quantity. Non-rotating items can also be changed into rotating items as required.

Facilities Enhancements: Have an upcoming event when your site will function on a special schedule? You will also need this special schedule to override all regular bookings and availability. Edit the work hours of your site during the event and add special availability slots. All bookings outside the new working hours will be automatically canceled.

Decommissioning: Temporarily decommission your entities for asset replacement, upgrade, or compliance procedures. All associated dependencies within the entity - like spaces and assets - will be differentiated as ‘Errors’, ‘Warnings’, and ‘Non Impacts’ before decommissioning, to ensure clarity. You can recommission the entity once ready.

View Cloning: Forget fretting about creating similar views across your admin, vendor, or tenant applications. You can now clone views within and across apps. Also disable views when out of use, so you don’t need to create them again when you need them.