April 2021

What's new with Facilio

We've been working hard to infuse more power into your building management arsenal. Get set to embark on a fast lane to CRE portfolio growth because our data platform got even more powerful!


Meaningfully correlate data for thorough ops insights

Capture end-to-end scope and context of every operation

Time is of essence when solving building issues and having holistic context handy is key. Now, when an alarm goes off, instead of rummaging multiple modules, access all relevant data in one place. Use lookup fields to navigate between alarm, asset condition, work order and more info —in just one click.


Check for data anomaly right at the source

Get straightforward access to sensor faults

Sensors level faults are seldom detected early and lead to skewed values that disrupt every process above it. With Facilio’s Sensor-level Fault Detection, you can now set up rules for permissible values- in any sensor. Get easy access to sensor faults and identify them without delay.

Broad set of rules to cover any type of fault/discrepancy

Facilio’s robust rule engine lets you define fault conditions for any type of sensor or device. You can set max/min limits, operator/function validations for counting sensors, flag data fluctuations, and more. Get alerts on rule violations or when the meter reads the same value for an extended period of time.


Take full control of portal workflows for deeper tenant relations

Deliver new tenant services quicker, with zero coding required

Your tenants and occupants are most probably shuttling between multiple point solutions to fulfill their needs. Not any more. With Facilio’s support for tenant portal customization, create a seamless experience for your tenants in accessing the services they want, all in one place. With absolutely no code involved, include any new services— whether it’s sharing hygiene reports or work order scheduling—using a few simple steps

Level up services with organized tenant information

Segmenting your tenant requirements by identifying patterns and grouping them based on priority, and availability will help you efficiently manage the individual needs of each tenant better. Create/edit custom groups, apply filters and arrange your tenant info in easy to view, well-maintained lists.

How It Works

Select Customization

Add new tabs

Select appropriate tab and associate


Authentic data that reflects exact building performance

Never let meter errors tamper energy insights

You are very familiar with entering meter reading into your CaFM software. But what happens when the sheer number of readings to be entered leaves a large room for error. With Facilio’s Task Intelligence feature, set rules for permissible meter readings to weed out faulty values. If a faulty reading is entered, the alert stops and states the cause for the pause with 2 options—try again or continue.

Avoid bill shocks by identifying anomalies and irregularities early

If a value is found to drastically violate the rules set then, the continue option will not appear. This ensures that irregularities in consumption are noticed and when erroneous readings are encountered, the system takes notice and stops until the right value is entered.

Future-proof your buildings today