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Unlocking the potential of connected buildings with IoT

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A new era of interoperable IoT ecosystems

Smart building initiatives are at the core of every operational strategy.

However, at the moment, deploying smart building use cases can be an uphill battle. Even more when the underlying systems do not check these important boxes:

Support seamless and scalable integrations to unlock real-time building data

Increase ‘time to value’ by making the data accessible for all operations stakeholders

Transform data into insights that enhance building performance, account for operating costs, and inform business decisions

Property operators and service providers are increasingly turning to new synergies in existing building IoT ecosystems that can fast-track connected building use case deployments (in days versus months) - and this webinar aims to do just that.

Meet the Speakers

Salvatore Cataldi
Global Strategic Building IoT Expert, Belimo
A specialist in designing distributed automation systems and solutions, Salvatore leads Belimo’s digital ecosystem initiatives. With his profound expertise in the building automation industry, he strives to enable interoperability between digital and building IoT ecosystems
James Dice
Founder, Nexus Labs
A seasoned professional in the smart buildings industry, James runs Nexus labs - a weekly blog, podcast, online school, and consultancy striving to create smarter, more efficient buildings. Through Nexus, James shares remarkable stories with the aim of educating and moving the industry forward.
Prabhu Ramachandran
Founder & CEO, Facilio Inc.
A proponent of data-driven building operations, Prabhu is on a mission to help the built environment thrive towards continuous sustainability by empowering people, equipment, and buildings to achieve the highest levels of efficiency.

What you’ll learn

How to alleviate challenges in deploying smart building use cases
Synergies between building IoT ecosystems: IoT and software architecture for connected building operations
Optimizing for enhanced stakeholder value, continuous system stability, and performance improvements