Facilio Webinar

Leading property operations through change with data

November 18, 2020 - 12:00 PM CET

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The inflection point in real estate today

Macro trends are accelerating the need for digital innovation in buildings today. Climate change, millennial occupants, increasing knowledge gap in controlling building systems, emphasis on smart buildings, and to add to it pandemic compliance and constraints. With changing conditions in today's real estate landscape, building operators, service providers, and digital providers are fast adopting agile innovation.

If you find yourself constantly asking the following questions, this webinar is for you

How can I solve the most important occupant-related challenges for my customers?

How can I drive visibility and unlock more value from the data that is already being generated in buildings?

What do I need to offer more integrated, and predictive services?

Meet the Speakers

Andrea Pavesi
Head of Energy Division, RTC SpA
Responsible for energy management solutions for key strategic sectors like integrated urban water management and telecom companies, Andrea is driven by customer focus and flexibility while he spearheads projects with real estate portfolios.
Stefano Strapparava
CEO, Smart Services International Sagl
A seasoned professional in remote monitoring of industrial equipment, Stefano runs SSI - a recognized Niagara partner. Stefano is passionate about enabling customers to create and deliver value services based on IoT.
Prabhu Ramachandran
Founder & CEO, Facilio Inc.
A proponent of data-driven building operations, Prabhu is on a mission to help the built environment thrive towards continuous sustainability by empowering people, machines, and buildings to achieve the highest levels of efficiency.

What you’ll learn

Adopting IoT in Buildings for real-time operational intelligence
How automation of operations and maintenance workflows can uncover data-driven decision for your customers
Harnessing Cloud, Mobility, and IoT to meet today's market demand


40 million

square feet managed

350+ buildings

run data-driven operations


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Future-proof your buildings today

  • Centralized data
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