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Improving energy efficiency in buildings: Digital retrofits as a force multiplier

March 16, 2021 - 9:00 AM PST | 5:00 PM GMT

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The era of continuous sustainability in a digital-first world

2021 has seen several adoption drivers for sustainability across economies: Government-mandated climate goals and energy programs, initiatives to democratize and finance energy efficiency investments, investor demand on ESG strategies, and more.

Globally, we’re heading towards a major energy efficiency breakthrough!

However, unlike other economies, we, the people of real estate industry, have a unique leverage to create maximum sustainable impact with the aid of these 3 important pillars:

Energy retrofits/upgrades (Lighting, HVAC, sensors) to restore design-optimal performance

Connecting existing systems to aggregate, and analyze real-time building data (analytics, FDD, retro commissioning, etc.)

Software-driven optimizations (occupant-based controls, dynamic schedules, portfolio automation, etc.) as force multipliers of building performance at scale

Real estate portfolio owners/operators and EsCO companies, across the globe, are increasingly turning to energy efficiency-drivers that can scale and help them act their part in this major shift towards continuous sustainability - and this webinar aims to do just that.

Meet the Speakers

Phillip Kopp
CEO, Conectric Networks
A disruptive technology innovator with experience spanning hardware, wireless, and software tech for buildings, Phillip is a profound expert in the commercial building retrofit and overlay sensor industry. With the aim to integrate buildings, the people that use them, and renewable energy grid systems together in harmony, he's passionate about all things sustainability.
Shaun Taylor
International IoT Director, Facilio Inc
A seasoned professional in the smart buildings industry, Shaun has over 30+ years of experience delivering new and innovative solutions for operational excellence and cost reduction. A true evangelist in the IoT sector, Shaun is passionate about using technology to future proof real estate O&M.

What you’ll learn

Identifying existing energy optimization opportunities that remain unrecognized
What your connected O&M strategy should look like heading into clean energy future
3 practical energy efficiency strategies and IoT value-drivers (at portfolio scale)


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