What is Computer Aided Facility Management?

Facilio CAFM software helps you effortlessly manage and maintain multi-site facilities with real-time insights into your facility operations and maintenance across the portfolio.


Modern CAFM systems tend to be rigid and require a separate team of operators to handle operations that often include multiple touchpoints. This extreme rigidity of a large scale system along with unconfigurable components puts both the Facility Managers and tenants in a blindspot.

Information is scattered and lacks context concerning asset health, past maintenance history, cost, associated tools, and cost at a portfolio level. This lack of data makes it harder to coordinate any repair or maintenance effort within SLA. Current FM solutions have limited their feature innovation within this ecosystem of siloed operations that fail to solve the core problem of interconnectivity and efficiency. That's why we at Facilio have reimagined Facility Management as an ecosystem of seamlessly connected and aligned operations that brings about context and efficiency.

With a complete O&M platform like Facilio, you can now monitor, manage, and optimize all aspects of facility management activities proactively. The whole process of facility maintenance and management is made seamless for the facility managers who find operation decisions, keeping track of SLAs, and critical metrics more accessible. The ground level staffs and technicians also benefit through a unified-maintenance mobile app, QR-code enabled asset tracking, unified help desk, and more.


Facilio set out to make the lives of Facility Management professionals easier and has managed to evolve as the most contemporary solution of our times. Inventions such as IoT, Machine Learning, and prediction have provided us with a way to reimagine this sector and leverage the in-depth knowledge of the industry into actionable and intuitive solutions to deliver a delightful tenant experience.

An average human spends about 30% of their lifetime at work or a commercial establishment, and modern facility managers are the ones who ensure we have a safe and happy experience at that time. However, these professionals, for far too long, have been limited by archaic technology that has failed to catch up with the times and make their lives more comfortable than it could be.

They still suffer from rigid, siloed systems and paper-based filing that impacts them from delivering a happy tenant experience. One of the core problems of seemingly modern CAFM solutions seems to be the rigidity of their workflow and no ability to integrate multiple sources of information. Since Facility managers have invested in these large scale systems, they are in a catch 22 situation where they are neither able to leverage nor abandon them. That's why Facilio has built an O&M platform that is completely dynamic and can seamlessly integrate with existing third-party systems as a smart overlay. This way, enterprises can harness and uncover insights and context from existing data siloed within the Operations infrastructure.

As a complete Operation and Maintenance platform, Facilio is built to provide comprehensive dynamic utility. It can configure and match every workflow accordingly to the requirements of a facility. It connects with every other existing system, including energy management systems, building management, and critical automation systems such as elevator, fire-safety, security, and more. Facilio also integrates with ORACLE, SAP, and portfolio-wide ERPs, accounting systems.

Areas of Impact

Maintenance Management
Portfolio wide connectivity that turns maintenance from reactive to proactive

Facilio makes portfolio-wide maintenance possible through its mobile app that caters to every stakeholder from technicians and supervisors to facility managers and CxOs. Facility managers now get a complete visualization of all their maintenance operations across collections. Quickly identify critical bottlenecks and alerts that arise across campuses, buildings, and workspaces. Ensure timely intervention with both pro-active and ad-hoc maintenance schedules that help you maximize the value of your built environment and leads to seamless operations and real-time facilities experience.

Asset Lifecycle management
Focus complete asset lifecycle information such as - purchase, renewal, maintenance history, issues, downtime and more

With Facilio, modern professionals can visualize their assets across their entire portfolio. View assets based on categories, such as HVAC, chiller assets, and more. Gain an overall insight about asset metrics or choose drill deeper into individual asset information to leverage critical parameters such as the next maintenance schedule, asset performance, and asset history. With Facilio, you gain complete control to retain, retire, or make an asset inactive. Leverage automation to create asset workflows and based on pre-defined conditions that trigger smart actions. These actions can be as simple as an e-mail, SMS notification, or as complex as raising a pre-emptive replacement order for an asset nearing expiry. Leverage Facilio mobile application to help your technicians recover entire asset history through simply scanning assets tagged with a QR code.

Inventory, contract, and vendor management
Smart visualization of all your tools, stock and inventory

Monitor the inventory of all your assets to gain a quick overview of items that need restocking. Drill down into individual assets to track their purchase date, price, quantity, and PO history. With Facilio, your facility managers can stay abreast of all your purchase contracts. Track them based on vendor name, type, or status and even approve pending purchase contracts from a single dashboard. Stay connected with all your vendor contact information updated for you in a single list that includes essential information such as Vendor ID, name, and email.

Space Management
Smart space visualization that provides actionable insights

With Facilio modern facility, professionals get to view how space is allocated across divisions, departments, buildings, and campuses. Identify under-performing outliers. Manage all move requests in a single console. Visualize any critical metrics on your assets or workforce activity in association with a specific space.

Customizable workflows
Customize every kind of workflow according to your needs with easy drag-and-drop type templated customization

Be it occupant complaints, visitor requests, PM, unplanned work orders, or notification configuration, with Facilio, you can seamlessly configure any workflow. Plan both planned and unplanned work order approvals through a pre-defined set of conditions.

In the case of planned work order changes, capture any manual changes across workflows. Authorize manual changes through Username, role, or team.

In the case of unplanned work order transitions, set pre-defined conditions, and validations as per your unique requirements.

Tenant management
An era of delightful tenant portal experience that garners consistently high Net promoter scores

With Facilio, you can stay on top of all your end to end tenant needs across your portfolio. Provide your tenants with complete transparency of operations through an easy-to-engage service portal that is available on the web and mobile. Track the status of maintenance repair and completion, ensure strict SLA compliance. Have a maintenance schedule, see cost and energy savings, monitor and tag every asset starting from HVAC, lighting to pipes, and furniture. Turn thousands of square feet of siloed spaces into one truly interconnected portfolio that is wonderfully easy to manage and wins high NPS.

Future-proof your buildings today

  • Centralized data
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Contextual apps