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Facilio organizes real-time sustainability insights, identifies inefficiencies and predicts consumption, while helping CREs achieve energy efficiency performance across portfolio.

Sustainability management software

What is a sustainability
management software?

It’s a tool to help you organize, manage, and optimize energy efficiency in real-time. Good sustainability management software focuses on predictive energy analysis as opportunities to optimize building operations. With a single unified application - save costs, reduce consumption, and gain efficiencies by centralizing your equipment and energy performance in Facilio.

Building IoT

One unified
picture in real-time

Stay in sync across multiple data streams

We’ve harnessed the power of IoT and AI to automatically sync your sustainability data with Facilio in real-time. Most solution providers promise analytics that is more reactive than predictive, which means you’re brooding over spilled milk.

With Facilio, you have instant access and complete control over your utilization in real-time. Your facility or asset manager gets a full oversight of consumption, can analyze and share insights, and instantly optimize tenant experience.


A 10,000ft view of
your portfolio

Optimize drift inefficiencies across sites

Instead of drowning in endless copies of spreadsheets, Facilio gives you clear, easy accountability over building energy drift. Reduce energy costs, consider retrofit projects, validate consumption and effectively involve occupants in sustainability programs.

Energy management system
Real time asset management

Predictive analysis,
Real-time action

What’s eating up your asset’s time and energy?

You’re spending hours poring over energy trend charts or pages of nuisance alarms - trying to figure out why you always get a specific alarm at 2.00AM.

That’s why we’ve built FDD right into Facilio. It detects and diagnoses equipment failure by applying sophisticated rule-base (or simple configurable math expressions), in real-time and in the most easily digestible way - for example, an overridden setpoint in a VAV handler is now a no sweat at all.


New discoveries from
accurate forecasting

Find hidden gems buried in your energy data

From anomaly detection to automatic resolution, we make sure you never miss a sign of energy inefficiency. Facilio provides heat map (on any metric), regression (consumption correlation with degree days), load, peak energy, and EnPI analysis so you can accurately boost performance. Plus it alerts you immediately, so you can take action right away.

Energy management
Building analytics

Put every key
performance within reach

Compare KPIs per sq.foot and across sites

Instead of wondering how well your facility performs, get summarized key indexes whenever you need it. Know how your sites compare against similar property types, against global standards, within different reference systems, the current status on everything that’s needed for compliance, and what you need for upcoming audits.

Facilio lets you easily create and set baselines, compare variance, dig into detailed chiller performance, and rank sites on granular KPIs


Tie operations together -
anomaly to resolution

Solve 90% faster with automated work orders

In the past, analytics meant painfully harvesting data from slow tools and leaving it to stay inactive in multiple silos. Today, teams can take action faster with enriched insights.

Facilio ingests performance anomalies from asset and energy data and automatically triggers work orders to teams immediately. Optimize for faster resolution and boost your building performance in real-time.

Work order app
Building automation

More metering,
no added cost

Extra granular in a single footprint

We’ve heard, time and again, that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. But the cost to purchase and install physical meters for a building using hundreds of VAVs, could be far more than the savings you expect to recover.

With Facilio, you can easily virtualize meters on the cloud. It lets you combine and divide meters in various proportions to create target VMs, giving you the benefit of metering without the additional expense that traditional meters bring.


Create a premium
experience for tenants

Speed up cost recovery with automated submetering

Noting down meter readings on paper or analyzing BMS data on a spreadsheet typically adds an average delay of 35-40 days between billing period and when costs get recovered. But not with Facilio.

Facilio automates meter readings with mobile apps or directly via BMS interfacing. Avoid discrepancies with tenants, automatically generate custom invoices, and easily keep track of recovery across portfolio.

Tenant billing software

The complete toolkit to achieve sustainability

Facilio is built to make life easier for commercial real estate professionals
Central Command

Empower facilities with a central
command center using Facilio to
manage sustainability across

Full Lifecycle

Cover full operational life-cycle
from equipment to energy
performance, identify deviations,
resolve faster and
avoid drifts.

Real-time IoT Data

With Facilio’s unique software driver,
easily integrate with existing BMSs
to collect and normalize multiple
data streams.

Mobile Notifications

Keep up with anomalies, track
metrics faster, and receive real-time
notifications on your mobile
with Facilio’s native app.

Baseline Operations

See today vs yesterday, this month
vs last month, or any specific
duration, and quickly identify
opportunities to correct off-baseline

Asset Vendor Accountability

Analyze reports to identify high and
low performing assets, track assets
with frequent complaints, those that
regularly run below capacity.

Retrofit Evaluations

Validate savings for a project,
position your facilities for future
transactions, or determine which
projects should be conducted to
improve rents.

Shareable Dashboards

Have a better ability to share
specific dashboards with relevant
managers, create a centralized
location to update or add notes on
upcoming or key activities.

Custom Reports

In addition to standard available
reports, easily build or schedule
reports based on any metric
(time period or data type) that is of
focus to you.

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