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From chillers to elevators, Facilio unifies all asset performance in real-time, allowing you to predictively control your facility asset landscape and save thousands of dollars every month.

Asset management software

What is real-time facilities
asset management?

Asset management is more than just a repository of information. It not only means tracking details such as where they are, what they cost, and how they are maintained, but also their real-time performance to predictively spot inefficiencies and automatically resolve issues. With a tool like this, CREs are empowered to run smoother operations across portfolio.

Real estate asset management

Connect all assets,
offer better experiences

Get a single source of action across portfolio

Your teams are far more productive when you have all portfolio assets at one place - from facade cleaning schedules to the current health of HVAC systems.

Facilio lets you visualize the full asset lifecycle and understand it’s real-time status across end uses. It logs all associated activity of the asset, helps you track current and past usage of equipment, and stay updated about upcoming renewals or expires.


Predict future asset

Get uptime protection with actual ML modelling

Your building’s future sustainability lies in your asset data. Finding anomalies automatically and getting insights into why they may have occurred saves you a lot of wasted investigation time and visual inspection checks.

With Facilio, quickly get to critical asset conditions you care most about. You can predictively correlate performance patterns, automatically trigger work orders, and provide teams with the most refined problem insights and recommended corrective actions.

Facility asset management
Real time asset management

Real-time analysis,
Real-time action

What’s eating up your asset’s time and energy?

You’re spending hours poring over energy trend charts or pages of nuisance alarms - trying to figure out why you always get a specific alarm at 2.00AM.

That’s why we’ve built FDD right into Facilio. It detects and diagnoses equipment failure by applying sophisticated rule-base (or simple configurable math expressions) in real-time and in the most easily digestible way - for example, an overridden setpoint in a VAV handler is now a no sweat at all.


Tie operations together -
anomaly to resolution

Solve 90% faster with automated work orders

In the past, analytics meant painfully harvesting data from slow tools and leaving it to stay inactive in multiple silos. Today, teams can take action faster with enriched insights.

Facilio ingests performance anomalies from asset and energy data and automatically triggers work orders to teams immediately. Optimize for faster resolution and boost your building performance in real-time.

Work order app

Strategize critical assets,
operate effectively

Empower teams to be smarter and insight-driven.

Creating facilities people love is about prediction, not reaction. The old ways of combating issues were never meant for today’s facilities experiences.

By learning from thousands of asset and energy performance patterns, Facilio helps you easily surface predictive maintenance. It smooths out noisy deviations, understands what’s going on in the equipment, and enables teams to predictively focus on maintenance strategy.

Powerful artificial intelligence for assets

Facilio is built to make life easier for commercial real estate professionals
Centralized System

Track all your facilities assets in use
including vendor, hardware and
proprietary software information,
in one single view.

Full Lifecycle

Cover full asset base from real-time
asset performance to associated
event timeline and maintenance

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Teams can access the most up-to-
date and synced insights of assets
from anywhere without additional

Run Mobile

Keep up with anomalies, track
metrics faster, and receive real-time
notifications on your mobile with
Facilio’s native app.

Integrates with current tools

Facilio integrates with legacy
CMMS/ EAM systems and feeds
real-time asset performance data to
visualize insights in different ways.

Flexible Application

Configure asset dependencies and
relationships with end use to suit
your unique facility. Easily
understand impact of each critical

SLA Compliance

SLAs help you identify the level of
commitment of multiple vendors
and define your uptime commitment
to your tenants.

Renewal and Contracts

Facilio shows you real-time data on
asset contracts, renewals, licensing,
compliance, and associated events,
connecting every information

Deeper analysis

Pinpoint risks and automate
resolution from consolidated
alarms, or assets with frequent
work orders, or those that regularly
run below capacity, and more.

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