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The smartest way
to manage facilities.

Today’s commercial buildings need visibility into the full range of operations, not scattered dead-end information. Meet Facilio, the IoT-driven facilities optimisation software that helps you achieve operational efficiency and sustainability, in a single beautiful platform.

Facilio helps facilities move away from being simply reactive to

predictively run building operations


and tactical

  • Paperwork, spreadsheets, and single purpose siloed systems
  • Frequent equipment breakdown that leads to unpleasant tenant experiences
  • No view of how a portfolio of buildings operate at any given time


and strategic

  • Real-time operational insights - never juggle between tools again
  • Predict equipment issues even before they occur
  • A single platform to centrally manage operations of a distributed portfolio


Predict asset performance,
improve NOI.

We’ve harnessed the power of IoT to connect with automation systems such as HVAC, lighting, and power control, without the need for any additional hardware. With ML modelling, Facilio understands the performance pattern of each asset, detects deviations, and highlights priority issues, much before tenants could feel any discomfort.


Tie operations together,
increase team productivity.

In the past, analytics meant painfully harvesting data from slow tools and leaving it to stay inactive in multiple silos. Today, teams can run maintenance faster with real-time equipment insights. Facilio automatically triggers work orders based on BMS alarms and enables teams to slice through work efficiently.
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Over 20 million sq.ft
managed using Facilio

Here’s what experts have to say

We have a dozen hotel facilities across the Virginia coast. Before, there was no mechanism to detect equipment fault, and as we grew, my email flowed with 200 event notifications per hour. With Facilio, we’ve created a central reference to intelligently track and correlate performance alarms so that priority work orders don’t get lost in the shuffle anymore.
Facilio has changed the way we manage buildings. It’s time-consuming to deliver CRE solutions, especially to large projects (that of a leading airlines company) - so having a single tool to track, manage, and control asset performance in real-time is incredible. We now have a central place to manage distributed properties more efficiently.
Bhadra Prasad, BMS Manager
Optima International LLC
'The best entertainment experience’ - for us, this holds the highest value and forms the foundation of our business. Facilio lets our team identify and resolve operations issues faster, and empowers them to be productive. We can now make a frictionless movie experience that sets us apart.
Teddy Joshua, General Manager
SPI cinemas
Facilio has leveled up our services. Our customers now dynamically control their building performance across multiple sites.
Jay Mendon,
General Manager, Netix Controls

Everything your facilities need to create frictionless tenant experiences, wrapped in one single package.

No silos, no mess.

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