Portal Setup

Learn all about setting up a service portal and managing work orders from requesters.

a) Overview

Work requests can be raised in a Facility through service portals by requesters and portal users. Requesters can typically be maintenance personnel, tenants, building owners or even employees in the facility.

b) Permissions

Requesters are basically ‘users’ who can raise work request requests in relation to space or asset within a facility. Requesters in Facilio have permissions to the following action –

  • Raise work requests
  • Track work request (once approved)
  • Post comments on their work request to interact with the maintenance personnel 

Note: Portal users are basically users who have been given partial access to Facilio. Depending on their permission level, they can view, add, update or modify work requests in Facilio. The basic difference between a requester and a portal user is that a requester can only raise Work Requests in Facilio, while a portal user’s range of permissions is diverse and more.

c) Setting up Service Portal for Requesters

You can use the below-given steps to set up a service portal for the requesters in your facility.

i) Adding a requester

  • Head over to Settings > User Management > Requesters
  • Click on Add Requester button. 
  • Input details of the requester – name, email id, mobile number and accessible spaces where work requests can be raised.
  • You can specify the site/building/floor/space where the requester can raise the work requests.
  • Select the invitation toggle switch to send an email to the requester.
  • Once the invite is sent, you will be able to view their names in the Requesters tab.

ii) Approving Work Requests

Once the requester accepts the invitation, they can submit work requests that need to be undertaken for a site/building/floor/space. The work requests posted by the requester will be listed in the Approvals tab in the Maintenance dashboard. Facility Managers, Administrators, and Supervisors who have access to this tab can approve the work requests.

  • Head to Maintenance Dashboard > Approvals.
  • Select the work request and check the details. If the work request can be undertaken, click on Approve to convert it into a work order. If the work request is not feasible click on the Reject button.

Note: Approve & Reject button will appear on mouseover for each work request.

  • If the work request is approved, you will need to confirm your approval and add a few more details such as – Category of the work order, site/building where it needs to be executed or the asset/equipment that needs to be repaired, add priority, assign a team/specific maintenance personnel to execute the work order.
  • Once the work request is approved, you will see it listed in the approved tab and it will also start appearing in the Work order page.
  • Work requests that are rejected by the Administrator will get closed automatically.

d) Service Portal Configuration

You can configure login protocols, provide user permissions and enable rebranding through the service portal settings. 

  • Head to Settings  > General > Service Portal
  • Two tabs of options will be available here – Portal & SSO. 


i) Portal: Login Protocols, User Permissions & Custom Domains

  • Here you can allow User sign up and login from the service portal by activating the toggle switch appropriately. This will allow requesters and portal users to sign up into the facility through the service portal.
  • Using Help Desk restrictions you can allow users with email ids from any domain to log in to the service portal.  If you select whitelisted domains, then users can’t use email id from any other domain.
  •  User Permissions provide access to the users to submit a new ticket on the portal. You can configure the settings to allow users who are not logged into the service portal to submit work requests or restrict to only logged in users.
  • You can rebrand your facility by providing it a custom domain and thereby making it your own. By configuring a custom domain, you can provide Facilio’s robust facility management features within your website and give your users a seamless experience.
  • Provide the custom domain link where you wish to redirect and click on Update.
  • Once updated, test your custom domain link.


ii) SSO: Configure SMAL Authentication & Active Directory

  • To configure SMAL authentication & Active Directory for the portal, select the requisite option.
  • Input the login URL, logout URL, and change password URL.
  • Upload the public key (for Active Directory option)
  • Choose an algorithm (RSA/DSA)

e) Requester Access

If the service portal settings allow the users to raise work requests without being logged in, then you can click on the request link provided to you and fill in the form.

i) Sign up

If the Facility Manager / Administrator has added you as a Requester in the portal, you will receive an invitation by mail to sign in along with a URL to the portal.

  • Click on the URL.
  • You will be asked to sign up at the portal with an email id and a password.

ii) Sign in

Once registered you can login to your service portal whenever required and post work requests.

iii) Forgot Password

To retrieve the password, click on the Forgot Password link given in the Sign-in page. Enter the email id to reset your password and you will get the reset link in your mail.

iv) Raising Work Requests as a Requester

As a requester, you can raise work requests in your facility for a specific site/building/floor.

Create a work request

  • Login to the requester portal through the invite you would have received from Facilio. 
  • You will see a dashboard with a request you have raised (or will be raising), statistics about the requests that you have raised so far and trends.
  • Click on the link Submit a Request to add a work request.
  • Select the site where the work request needs to be undertaken.
  • Input details about the work request. Describe the work request in detail, assign a priority level (Urgency), etc. Input costs involved (tentative) and materials required to complete the work request. Click on Save.

Once saved, the work request will be sent to the Administrator/Facility Manager. 

Manage Work Requests

The requestor can view the status of their work request in their requester page.

  • Once the work request is approved by the Administrator, the status will remain open until it is executed. 
  • The requestor can also track the subsequent status of the work request, to whom it has been assigned and the comments that have added for the same. 

Once executed, the status of the work request will show as being Resolved.

Work requests can be filtered according to their status open/closed. Work requests that are rejected will be displayed as Closed.

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