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Niagara Plugin Installation

Know how to install Niagra Plugin from Facilio in your workbench or the Jace. Find pre-requisites, system requirements, installation process…

a) Niagara Agent

i) Facilio Niagara Installation

Niagara plugin from Facilio can be installed either in your workbench or the Jace.

1) Pre-requisites

The following prerequisites will be required if you have a Niagara agent installed in your facility –

  • Niagara version 4.3 or above would be required
  • An Internet connection in the Jace/Workbench would be required, to communicate with Facilio Cloud
  • You will need to download the FacilioDriver-rt available in the following link.
  • Please download the Facilio certificate & configuration files obtained from Facilio Inc. 
  • You will also need to share the host Id of the Jace/Workbench with Facilio to authorize the device.

2) Driver Installation in Workbench 

  • Copy FacilioDriver-rt jar to the modules directory of the workbench.
  • Create a directory named ‘facilio’ under Niagara User shared home.
  • You will need to copy the certificate & configuration files you would have received from Facilio under the ‘facilio’ directory.
  • Next, restart the Niagara Workbench.

3) Driver Installation in Jace (hardware)

  • Your workbench should have FacilioDriver-rt.jar installed already. If not, do install it using the above-given (Driver Installation) procedure.
  • Next, you will need to install FacilioDriver-rt.jar in the Jace using Software Manager.
  • In the File Transfer client, create a directory named ‘facilio’ under /home/Niagara/shared (user home)
  • Copy the certificate & configuration files to the ‘facilio’ directory.
  • Restart the Jace.

4) Driver Configuration

  • After restarting, open the station and go to the Config folder
  • In the palette, search for ‘Facilio Driver’.
  • Next, you will need to drag & drop the ‘Facilio Connector’ Palette to the Config folder
  • Double click on the Facilio Connector and enter the ‘Topic’ obtained from Facilio Inc. 
  • Configure the Push Time to 15 minutes.

Note: Push Time is the data interval duration of sending data to Facilio Cloud

  • Right-click and invoke the action ‘Push Controllers’. 
  • Look for ‘Successfully sent message’ in the Application Director.

Note: After the installation is complete you can open Facilio application and continue the agent configuration. You can click here to continue the configuration process in Facilio Application.

5) Troubleshooting Tips

If you are not receiving data from the Niagara driver, the following might be possible reasons – 

  • The Certificate files may be missing, or you might have copied them to the wrong directory. You can check the exact path/directory in the Application director messages. Copy the certificate files to that location & restart the station.
  • Another possibility is that you might have copied the wrong certificates files.
  • You might have given the wrong topic.
  • You might not have shared the ‘Host Id’ with Facilio or it has not been authorized yet.
  • No internet connection.
  • If none of the above is working, please check the Application director log messages and share it with Facilio Inc for analysis. You can send the log messages to the following email id – support@facilio.com.


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