Connected CMMS Evaluation Guide (Free Worksheet Inside)
A Facilio guide to choose the right CMMS for your building portfolio—that can help you simplify and automate processes, enhance stakeholder visibility, and unlock fully connected operations.

Buying CMMS is like buying a car—it’s an intense process, and often driven by very unique preferences. Choosing the right CMMS is a complex web of decision covering your org’s unique considerations such as operational processes to be adapted, hierarchy of goals to be met, compatibility with current tech stack, budget and more. This Guide will arm you with the tools and tips to keep in mind to find a solution that best suits your evolving O&M needs.

Connected CMMS Evaluation Guide puts buyers in driver’s seat with–

Reimagined perspective: Why CMMS evaluation needs to evolve into a comprehensive, and client-centric process

Buyer-driven Framework: Map your current & evolving O&M processes to CMMS requirements

Downloadable worksheet to Assess ROI and Validate Your Top Needs

Confidence in your final CMMS choice: Best practices & insights from Facilio

The world is changing, so should your CMMS evaluation process.

Hanie Abdul Sathar

Director, Eurohealth Systems

A Powerful Framework that Puts CMMS Buyers in Control

Staying ahead of the game involves using technology efficiently to drive intelligent decisions, better monitoring, minimizing human intervention and increasing asset efficiency. Narrowing down the problem and then understanding how to solve it is the best way to choose the right technology needed to improve your O&M processes