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Features and Capabilities

The Service Request module's ability to integrate diverse features and settings not only boosts operational efficiency but also offers a comprehensive perspective, fostering seamless collaboration and thorough management across various facets of service delivery. In the domain of service request management, aligning with external features such as SLA adherence, survey feedback, and more enhances the entire process, elevating the quality and efficiency of service fulfillment. The upcoming sections explain key features directly tied to service requests, unraveling their benefits for a more nuanced understanding.


The Service Request module allows users to define SLA (Service Level Agreement), ensuring precise adherence to predefined service standards. This collaboration establishes clear benchmarks for response and resolution times, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. The SLA Module automates the monitoring of service timelines, triggers alerts for potential breaches, and provides valuable insights for continual service improvement, thereby promoting a robust framework for meeting and exceeding service expectations within the Service Request Module. Read the Managing SLA Policies feature for more information.


The Service Request Module by incorporating surveys, enhances service quality assessment by seamlessly integrating customer feedback into the service lifecycle. Upon resolution of a service request, the Survey module triggers automated surveys, allowing clients to provide valuable insights on their service experience. This integration enables organizations to gauge customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and uphold a continuous feedback loop. The real-time data collected through surveys within the Service Request module contributes to informed decision-making, fostering a customer-centric approach to service management and driving overall service excellence. Read the Survey Management feature for more information.


In the service request lifecycle configuring approvals embeds a structured approval process, fortifying organizational workflows. This feature enables seamless approval routing for service requests, ensuring that necessary authorizations are obtained before execution. Approvers receive requests directly through the Approvals module, facilitating timely reviews and decisions. The interplay between these modules promotes transparency, accountability, and adherence to organizational protocols, enhancing overall operational efficiency and compliance within the Service Request Module. Read the Approvals feature for more information.

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