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Administrator Settings

This section explains the basic administrator settings crucial for the optimal functionality of the Service Request Module. The upcoming topics will outline the essential configurations, including support email and corresponding email forwarding settings, ensuring seamless communication and tracking. Additionally, we'll explore service catalog configuration, empowering you to tailor your service offerings to meet your organization's unique needs.

Email Settings

Configuring email settings, specifically the support email, is a critical component in the Service Request module. Proper setup ensures seamless communication and efficient handling of service requests. This involves creating the support email address and configuring forwarding settings to guarantee that incoming emails to the support inbox are efficiently processed and resolved within the Service Request module, enhancing transparency and overall clarity. This configuration streamlines communication channels, enabling a more effective and responsive service request management system. Read the Email Settings feature for more information.

Service Catalog

Service catalog configuration in the service request management is a pivotal step in tailoring the application to specific organizational needs. This process involves defining and structuring the catalog, outlining available services, and associating template(s) to capture details for various purposes. By configuring the service catalog, organizations can streamline and categorize service requests effectively, ensuring a more organized, user-friendly, and customized service request management system. Read the Service Catalog feature for more information.