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Learn more about Facilio, the advantages of a connected building and how Facilio can transform each vital feature of your facility.

Facilio is a multi-site facility management enterprise platform that helps manage facilities in real-time. With Facilio, connecting to buildings, tracking performance and maintenance of assets becomes extremely easy. It is an integrated application that unites different teams, systems, and varied BMS (Building Management System) applications under one robust platform giving you the highest degree of flexibility, control, and smart building experience.

Facilio‚Äôs Mission‚Äč

In order to create a smart-built environment, Facilio is rethinking the entire facility management landscape by creating a flexible interface that is not only easy to operate but also literally talks to the buildings. Facilio comprises various modules (Asset, Energy, Maintenance, Space, Alarms, Tenants and so on) that work together to give the facility manager a smooth and seamless experience. Any of these modules can be implemented in a building or facility individually or in tandem with each other.

Features and Benefits of Facilio‚Äč

The following are the various features and advantages of using the application:

  • An extremely flexible interface allows you to implement single modules to control, track and monitor the elements of facility management.

  • Predictive and planned maintenance that allows you to keep the facility ship-shape, increase asset performance and life-span.

  • A single-view portfolio that provides a pertinent window into facility operations.

  • Facilio‚Äôs energy dashboard captures real-time data and analysis allowing the Facility Manager to make informed decisions that impact energy savings and sustainability goals.

  • Seamless integration with existing BMS (Building Management System) saves cost and provides access to historical data of the building.

Facilio‚Äôs Real-time Approach‚Äč

Real-time facilities optimization is a proactive approach that Facilio has adopted to help buildings achieve maximum operational efficiency. Using IoT, Facilio leverages data from existing building automation systems providing the facility manager with actionable intelligence that empowers them to solve problems before breakdown. Real-time optimization helps them to centrally manage the entire facility and to make data-driven decisions that provide the tenants a seamless experience.

Why do Today‚Äôs Buildings Need Facilio?‚Äč

Today’s buildings need Facilio for the following reasons:

  • Required to be managed in real-time and fire-fighting issues are not really an option.

  • To be able to meet sustainability goals with the help of an integrated platform.

  • Requirement of critical real-time information to make informed decisions.

  • Need for efficient, systematic and meticulous workflows.

  • Most importantly, to provide a seamless tenant experience.