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Managing Service Request Lifecycle

In modern business environments, organizations provide dedicated web-based portals tailored for different user groups. These portals serve to streamline and centralize communication between users or clients and their respective service teams.

Service request management covers the end-to-end lifecycle from submission to resolution, all within the digital realm of portals. Key components include user-friendly interfaces for request submission, automated routing of requests to relevant departments, features ensuring prompt acknowledgement and effective resolution, real-time tracking of progress, and implementation of secure communication channels.

Effective management of service requests from portals often involves integration with service management tools, analytics to identify trends or areas for improvement, and a commitment to delivering prompt and quality service.

The upcoming sections provide a detailed exploration of the user-wise processes within each portal, guiding through the lifecycle of a service request.

Tenant/Occupant Portal

The tenant and occupant portals serve as a unified digital platform designed to streamline communication and enhance the overall experience for individuals residing or working within a property. Its primary purpose is to provide tenants and occupants with convenient access to essential information and services related to their living or working spaces. The portal typically facilitates various functions, including submitting service requests, checking the status of maintenance tasks, communicating with property management, processing approval requests, answering surveys, accessing important documents, and staying informed about property-related announcements.

By offering a user-friendly and efficient interface, the tenant and occupant portals contribute to improved transparency, quick issue resolution, and a more collaborative relationship between property managers and those occupying the facility. Read the Managing Service Requests section in Tenant Portal and Occupant Portal documents for more information.

Vendor Portal

Within the Vendor Portal, the seamless management of service requests is at your fingertips. As service requests are transformed into work orders and assigned to vendors, these tickets become readily accessible through the corresponding vendor portal. Upon initiation of work, tenants are promptly notified of the vendor's activity through ticket status updates. The assigned professional can instantly mark the completion status of tasks outlined in the work order, ensuring a transparent workflow. Once all tasks are successfully finished, and the resolution is confirmed, updates are reflected in the ticket, reaching tenants through the respective portal. Detailed information, including timestamps for work commencement and completion, status of completion, resolution duration, and other related records, are captured in the comprehensive work order details screen. Read the Managing Service Requests section in the Vendor Portal document for more information.