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Associable Modules

There are specific modules connected to the service request process, and their correlation plays a pivotal role in enhancing functionality, ensuring a comprehensive approach to user needs. From establishing clear connections between modules to optimizing their integration, our focus is on delivering a cohesive and efficient user experience throughout the service request lifecycle. The upcoming sections explain the major modules related to the service request management process and the benefits of their association.


The Asset module, seamlessly integrated with the Service Request module, revolutionizes service management by providing a holistic view of assets tied to specific requests. This integration not only facilitates the association of assets with service requests but also streamlines the categorization and grouping of service requests based on assets. By linking service requests to specific assets, users can efficiently organize, track, and prioritize maintenance or support activities, ensuring a targeted and proactive approach. This cohesive functionality enhances operational efficiency, minimizes downtime, and fosters a more structured and strategic service management process. Read the Asset Management feature for more information.


The Portfolio module, intricately connected with the Service Request module, introduces a spatial dimension to service management. This integration allows users to utilize the space details associated with the request for various purposes, promoting a structured and location-centric approach. Whether it's maintenance, facility management, or specific spatial requirements, the module enables precise assignment and tracking of service requests within defined spaces. This synergy enhances spatial organization, streamlines service delivery, and contributes to an overall strategic and efficient utilization of resources within the Service Request module. Read the Portfolio Management feature for more information.

Work Order

The Work Order module, seamlessly integrated with the Service Request module, streamlines the execution and resolution of service requests. This functionality allows for the structured conversion of user-initiated requests into detailed work orders, assigning tasks to the relevant teams or professionals. The module facilitates meticulous tracking of progress, efficient resource allocation, and adherence to established protocols. With a focus on structured execution, the Work Order module enhances the overall efficiency in the service request resolution process. Read the Managing Work Orders section in the Maintenance Management feature for more information.


The Quotes module, working collaboratively with the Service Request module, streamlines the procurement process by seamlessly integrating the generation and management of price quotes within service requests. This integration enables users to swiftly request and receive quotes from vendors or suppliers directly within the service workflow. Upon acceptance, the quote details are seamlessly transferred to the Service Request module, ensuring a transparent and efficient transition from quote to service delivery. This cohesive functionality simplifies procurement, enhances cost control, and contributes to a more streamlined and traceable service request process. Read the Quotes feature for more information.