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Integration with Oracle ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a powerful tool that helps organizations manage various business activities, including project management, procurement, supply chain, and other operations. When an application is integrated with an ERP system, it can provide numerous benefits to the organization, such as improved business operations, streamlined processes, and increased efficiency.

Every organization has its own process, rules, and standards set according to their policies and preferences. Similarly, the procurement process defined for an organization can vary based on its specific requirements and adopted policies. Facilio's integrated solution with Oracle ERP can adapt to the varied approaches of different organizations while ensuring efficient procurement management with seamless data exchange. Facilio's flexible integration capabilities enable it to provide a customized solution that meets the unique procurement needs of each organization.

An organization might encounter various situations requiring procurement of items and services to ensure continuous operation. For instance, while the facility management team deals with a work order, they may have to purchase additional tools to complete the service. The application allows the users to create item requests for the necessary items directly from the details screen of the work order. Then, the acquisition of the requested items follows the procurement cycle.

The procurement team should create a purchase request in Facilio by collating the necessary item requests and push the details to the third-party application. The order goes through a series of approvals and other processes configured in the ERP tool based on the organization's purchase policy, which may include approvals from multiple stakeholders, budget checks, and more. After the purchase request is approved and all necessary processes are complete, a purchase order is created, and the updated details are synchronized to Facilio. If the request is rejected, the request status is updated accordingly in Facilio. Also, you can track the receipt of the ordered items from the Item Request module, which synchronizes the delivery status from the third-party application.

Let us consider a similar scenario (as above), where you need to purchase certain tools to finish the assigned task. A sample illustration on how Facilio integrates with Oracle ERP for the exchange of procurement details, is shown below.