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The Purchase Order module of the application streamlines the procurement process and maximizes business efficiency. It helps manage the procurement of items, spare parts, equipment, and services required for maintenance and other facility activities. With the application's automated procurement process, organizations can eliminate manual errors and consistently ensure adherence to standard procurement procedures. Also, it provides valuable insight into purchasing patterns, pricing trends, and vendor performance, which helps in budget forecasting and effective inventory control.

The procurement cycle encompasses a series of interconnected steps to acquire goods and services for an organization's needs. It typically begins with a purchase request raised by the requester. The procurement team can convert the purchase request directly into a purchase order when there is an existing vendor to supply the demand. If not, they must create a quotation request and send it to the eligible vendors. Once received the quotes from all vendors, the procurement team compares them and selects a suitable vendor. Then the contracting is carried on, and a purchase order is created and issued to the vendor. Upon the vendor completing the delivery, the procurement team evaluates the goods or services and updates the receipt for the receivables.

The following diagram depicts the procurement process workflow in Facilio.