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Configuring Approvals

Approval is a formal acceptance shared with the users seeking permission to perform a particular task. Carrying out a few actions across stages of the organization's procurement cycle might be crucial and need permission from the concerned team or officials. The application allows you to configure approvals for the required steps and even special conditions, which not only notifies the respective stakeholders but also triggers an action, prompting them to record their consent.

Mostly, tasks grouped into the PO and RFQ modules require approvals, as they are prominent over the complete cycle. For instance, in the PO module, you can configure to trigger an approval request to the supervisor when the procurement team raises an order for a selected item. Also, you can have approvals initiated to different officials in the hierarchy as the order value exceeds 1000 USD and 2000 USD, respectively, and so on.

When an approval is triggered, the respective stakeholders are notified through email or mobile notification based on the action(s) set while configuring the approval. Read the Processing an Approval Request section to understand the process involved in handling an approval request.

The status of the record changes to Waiting for Approval as an approval request is triggered to the configured user(s). The record status changes to Approved or Rejected based on the approver accepting or declining the request, respectively.

Note: You may have to wait until the approver responds to the request to be able to proceed further with the procurement process. If he rejects the request and you are not authorized to resend the request, you may have to create a new request with the recommended changes.