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Procurement Guide

📄️ Introduction

Procurement is a strategic process of acquiring goods and services that an organization requires. It is an essential business process that ensures goods and services acquisition from external vendors occurs at the best price while expanding, enhancing, and optimizing business operations. Procurement is an end-to-end process where businesses aim to establish relationships with vendors to obtain the best service and lowest possible costs, which ultimately yields higher profit margins. Its significant impact on the rest of the business functions is undeniable. Any misstep can have a cascading effect on multiple processes causing delays and disruptions throughout the organization. Adopting an appropriate procurement solution can help businesses and organizations of all types and sizes ensure the necessary resources are available to support operations and achieve strategic objectives.

📄️ Overview

The Purchase Order module of the application streamlines the procurement process and maximizes business efficiency. It helps manage the procurement of items, spare parts, equipment, and services required for maintenance and other facility activities. With the application's automated procurement process, organizations can eliminate manual errors and consistently ensure adherence to standard procurement procedures. Also, it provides valuable insight into purchasing patterns, pricing trends, and vendor performance, which helps in budget forecasting and effective inventory control.

📄️ Configuring Approvals

Approval is a formal acceptance shared with the users seeking permission to perform a particular task. Carrying out a few actions across stages of the organization's procurement cycle might be crucial and need permission from the concerned team or officials. The application allows you to configure approvals for the required steps and even special conditions, which not only notifies the respective stakeholders but also triggers an action, prompting them to record their consent.