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Mobile Guide

📄️ Introduction to Mobile Application

Mobile applications are simplified and limited versions of web applications in terms of both content and operation. Mobile apps can let users set up their preferences at the start, based on which users can get served with customized content and permissions. The mobile app content is systematically organized for getting work done between meetings, busy schedules, breaks, and even when you're off work. Moreover, their functionalities can be limited to executing only the most required and crucial tasks for improved user experience.

📄️ Configuring Push Notifications

A push notification in mobile is a short targeted message displayed to the user on the lock screen or the home screen. The purpose of the push notifications is to alert or inform the user of the latest updates in an application without the user having to open the application. The user can simply tap the notification to get redirected to the application or take an action directly from the notification itself. This section explains how to enable push notifications on your mobile for the WorkQ app.