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Basic Components

This module revolves around the following components:

FunctionA function is a block of code created for performing a task.
Example: pushPO, updateModuleState, serviceautofill
Argument or parameterArguments refer to parameters or values that can be passed to a function.
Example:, purchase.order.createdTime, formData, fieldId
NamespaceNamespace is an hierarchical structure for organizing functions created as a part of the application.
Example: formRules, PMReport, assetfilter
Return TypeReturn type refers to the result type that defines the data type of the value returned from a function.
Example: Void, string, list, map, number
ModuleA module is a business application task, where the set of related functionalities are grouped into a single entity
Example: Portfolio, Maintenance, Vendor Contact
ActionAn action refers to the activity configured as a result of the execution of a task.
Example: Sending email or mobile notification, executing script