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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming and disrupting the telecommunication industry, and our client—one of the largest telecom operators in the world with a presence in 15 countries—is at the forefront of this change. They are the largest carrier of international voice tariffs in the Middle East and Africa, with more than 167 million people in their subscriber base and 300+ valuable brands under their umbrella. This major telecom player is on a continuous quest to boost digital transformation. To that end, they consistently launch new initiatives and lean on disruptive technology to differentiate their offerings, add value to customers, and achieve operational efficiencies.
How to reduce inefficiencies
in payments processing
The telecom’s existing system for utility bills was processing invoices across close to 6000 sites from six utility providers, which included payments to authorities, as well as private owners.
Stakeholders at various hierarchical levels had to manually analyze and check each of the 5,000+ bills for data accuracy. The human factor alone constantly led to double payments, missing payments, and reporting inaccuracies. And when the utility providers sent notices of accounts in arrears, the team had to wade through the volume of bills and spreadsheet entries to find the source of the late payment.
To make matters worse, executives and other key stakeholders lacked visibility into the state of payments. Be it remaining budget, payments to date or utility payment splits, reliable data on which to make cost-optimization decisions did not exist.
The extraordinary amount of human effort involved combined with an inefficient process, led to errors and cost overruns, which was magnified by the expanse of the portfolio. Fed up with the unproductive and unwieldy process, this leading telecom provider sought a centralized solution to help with cost benchmarking and bring about cost savings by reducing the time required to process and manage invoices.
Digitized utility expense management through a single platform
After an intense vetting, the telecom chose Facilio to deliver an end-to-end solution to process payments digitally. Facilio offers a modern and streamlined approach to utility bill payments.
Today, the telecom monitors utility consumption in real-time using data captured by both smart meters and physical energy meters across the properties. Bills are bulk-uploaded from multiple utility services into the Facilio system. Using parsing templates, the system's built-in, AI-powered invoice parsing automatically extracts data from thousands of bills in the form of PDFs or images.
Then, using tariffs programmed into the system, the telecom validates bills submitted by utility providers by comparing them with actual consumption. When a cost discrepancy arises, Facilio's automated workflow triggers user-defined alerts to notify the right stakeholder. The stakeholder can then quickly resolve the error and reduce the overall billing cost. The team reports immense relief at having a digitized process that helps them quash the time-intensive effort involved in preparing detailed payment collateral.
The telecom also benefits from Facilio’s built-in error resolution, which has eliminated the need to configure a workflow and then synchronize it across the various processes. For example, to ensure accuracy, the system issues payment memos only when all predefined alerts are resolved, which helps eliminate double payments. Bills are then routed through automated approval workflows in Facilio and, finally, pushed to ERP for payments. Today, both multi-stakeholder collaboration and payment signoffs happen at speed.
Facilio has also made it easy for the key executives to get answers to critical questions, for instance, those related to month-on-month payments, utility provider expense summaries, monthly savings, and remaining budget. Using Facilio's configurable reports and dashboards, the team now has complete visibility into the entire bill-processing cycle. The team also enjoys the flexibility to analyze data without external dependencies, for instance, to benchmark invoices against past timelines or to compare them to similar occupancy scenarios.
Today, this major telecom is poised to deal with the complexities posed by processing large amounts of data. With their automated system, they've drastically reduced the need for human intervention and eliminated the possibility of user error.
Efficient utility spend management at scale
AI-led automation to transform manual billing operations

Optimized utility spend

With intelligent alerts and notifications, timely payments happen, and revenue loss does not.

End-to-end visibility

Facilio’s integrated invoice management delivers complete visibility across 6,000+ sites

Simplified audit and invoicing

Data-backed operational decisions have massively improved operational efficiencies

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