"Real estate operational hub for the entire portfolio"
"Simplified yet powerful, adapts w/o any hassle"
"Takes customer service very very seriously"

CMMS that goes beyond asset and maintenance management

Join modern portfolios with the free rein to turn asset management strategies into agile, connected, and experience-first operations

Everything your legacy CMMS features and much, much more—only more simplified

Most CMMS today are old-school systems designed to work as a system of asset and maintenance records. Their technician-only focus and inability to coordinate internal processes don't add value to most operations and maintenance stakeholders. Such CMMS sit as silos, and any change to implementation is arduous. Moreover, with inadequacies in meeting basic O&M needs, it's hard to imagine a traditional CMMS solving any modern building operations needs.

You need a CMMS that can connect systems, people, and processes.

Operate with rigid and siloed workflows

Connected CMMS for portfolio-wide operations and maintenance

CMMS maintenance software
  • Integrated maintenance management
    A single system of record for service requests, maintenance, work orders, inventory, and asset lifecycle
  • Intuitive and simple CMMS software
    Easy-to-configure PM & templates, drag-and-drop assignment, built-in inspection, approval and mobile workflows
  • Multi-user experience
    Tailored workflows for owners/operators, mobile and portal view for tenants, vendors and workforce to make multi-site facilities management simple
  • Fastest go-live
    Off-the-rack routines, customizable templates, best onboarding support
Change your processes to fit the tool

Automate property management workflows with ‘zero’ coding

  • Intelligent routing
    Powerful workflow automation, stateflow design across modules, automated change, inspection & resolution workflows
  • Easy customizations
    Zero coding-dependency for custom maintenance schedules, unique workflows, fields and layout/view
  • One-click visibility
    Custom dashboard view & tab types, configurable data bulletin/widgets, flexible reporting and organization features
  • Contextual Integrations
    Extensive 3rd party integrations built-in (automation and enterprise apps), service catalog, external URL triggers
CMMS workflow
Can’t collaborate or create high-value services

Drive org-wide alignment & enhanced stakeholder value

maintenance management system software
  • Single-pane decision view
    Executive reports & dashboards, periodic summary emails, portfolio-wide benchmarking & compliance tracking
  • In-sync collaboration
    Vendor portal, approvals, work permits, 3rd party compliance tracking, shared & consistent data
  • Compelling tenant experiences
    Self-service portal, service request, feedback and communications, visitor management
Companies are also setting themselves up for smart building success, when they choose Facilio

Your CMMS is only as good as the data. In its current form without real-time information from buildings, it is vastly underutilized and at the risk of becoming redundant. Facilio is different—in that it provides a hardware-agnostic approach to connect real-time building data with core O&M functions. Besides streamlining workflows, you can now leverage data to optimize them for maximum performance.

Not equipped for modern, data-driven needs

Supercharge asset performance with real-time data

  • Quick & effective asset repair/replace decisions
    Real-time equipment monitoring and analytics, fault detection & diagnostics, and root cause indicators
  • Optimize workflows based on asset conditions
    Condition-based and predictive maintenance triggers, automated work orders, and resolution workflows from alarms
predictive maintenance software
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Reason 3
Purpose-built to lead with innovation
Facilio is purpose-built for building portfolios—existing and new—wanting to stay ahead of the curve. Our product-led approach has been transformational in helping portfolios operate, and scale painlessly with the latest technologies (fully mobile, IoT, & AI), and new products/updates every month. Facilio’s interface is also built to be intuitive and extremely easy to navigate—even for the most complex use cases.
Thriving ecosystem of category leaders
At Facilio, we literally envisioned the ‘data-driven operations’ category. Our product has been chosen by industry leaders and deployed in trophy buildings across the globe. Our open data models have enabled us to bring together an ecosystem of 50+ platform/app integrations , building automation and OEM partners/SIs that our customers can leverage. The biggest differentiator for Facilio, however, is our DNA. We take customer service very seriously and ensure a hassle-free onboarding and product experience.
Go live in months—not forever
Simplified yet powerful, Facilio adapts to your processes without any hassle—courtesy of open data models and customizations without any coding dependencies. The platform’s adaptability enables you to trim time and cost to deploy, compressing implementation by 3x compared to other alternatives. We also bring with us a track record of outstanding migration and onboarding support for our customers, ensuring fastest go-live.
Facilities become
future-ready with Facilio

Learn how PD7 connected buildings and eliminated 80% of breakdowns within 8 months of adopting Facilio


Reduction in Asset Downtime


Portfolio growth and innovation at scale


SLA Adherence for enhanced customer satisfaction

Facilio is a powerful tool.We're able to scale facility operations and services across large portfolio building effectively.

Mr. Paulo D CEO , PD7 Technology

Explore Facilio’s buffet of ready-to-deploy O&M efficiencies, served with modularity

Plan, track, and optimize asset lifecycles with real-time data from across your CRE portfolio.

  • Get the visibility you need to gain full control of operations
  • Improve productivity by automating repetitive manual tasks
  • Maximize asset lifecycles and cost savings with condition-based maintenance
  • Apply data-led learnings across portfolio and improve performance in real-time

Future-proof your buildings today

  • Centralized data
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Contextual apps