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Visitor Management Scenarios

Pre-registering Visitors 

End users (Tenants/Employees/FM Admins) can pre-load visitors into the Visitors module so that their basic information such as the visitor types, name, phone, email etc. is stored to create & send out the pre registered invites to the visitors intending to visit the facility for various known reasons. If the visitor information is not stored then the invites can be sent out post adding the new visitors into the system.

Steps to Configure:

  • Head to the visitors module – > Invites tab which showcases the already created/registered invites in various system view listings such as: Today Visits, Currently Checked-in, Pending approvals, Upcoming visits and All visits. 
  • Click on the “New Invite” button on the top right corner to fill in the information required to send out the invite to pre register the visit. There are two categories to create an invite : “Single Invite” and “Group Invite”, wherein single invite is targeted to pre register a single visitor type visit and Group Invite is targeted at creating multiple groups of the same visitor type invite to send across at once.

Single Invite

  • The invite can be created with keying in the info such as Visitor phone, name, email, the space to be visited, check-in/out time and the purpose of visit. If the visitor information is already stored/added in the visitors tab, then on entering the phone number will populate the Visitor name and email onto the invite. 
  • The fields after the “purpose of visit” are custom fields that can be added based on the visitor type as stated in the visitor type section.


  • Once the invite is created, a successfully created message would pop-up in the application screen, confirming the invite sent.


  • The created invite would trigger a notification to the visitor on the provided mobile number and email.
  •  Invite confirmation would be tagged along with the QR code and passcode to enter while checking-in the facility.

Group Invite

Group invite is one flexible feature that enables to create an invite with grouping of multiple visitors categorised under one visitor type and send across at once than creating multiple invites, wherein filling in the visitor information, visitor notifications, etc. remains the same as it is for the Single Invite.

Check-in/out Process

  • The visitor would be notified with an email/sms/whatsapp as per the configurations enabled with the QR code and passcode to facilitate the check-in process.
  • QR code is used when there is a Kiosk device available at the reception desk integrated with the visitor management module, if there is such device then the QR code is scanned to prefill the visitors info along with taking photo of the visitor to let them check-in on the day and time of the scheduled visit. 
  • The check-in process would be notified to the host as per configurations. 
  • If there is no Kiosk device in place, then the passcode can be entered by the security personnel using the laptop/desktop to proceed with the check-in process
  • Upon keying in the Invite code, the visit pop up opens with the prefilled data of the visitor used while registering.
  • The checked-in visitors data is showcased in a daily basis in the system view – > “Today Visits”
  • Once the today visits view loads with the checked-in visitor’s data there is a provision to print a badge to the visitor to be wearing around the facility marking the authorised visit.
  • “Mark as VIP” and “Mark as Blocked” tags the particular visitor under Blocked Watchlist or VIP Watchlist accordingly in the Watchlist tab to speed the process and for safety measures based on the marked tags


  • On successful Check-In, the visitor is notified with the “successful checked-in” message with timestamp (If the notifications are configured)
  • On completion of the purpose of visit, the visitor can be checked-out by the security personnel by clicking on the “Check-Out” button from the currently checked-in view
  • On Checking-out, the today visits view reflects/saves the visitors check-in and check-out time as a record for reference.
  • On successful Check-Out, the visitor is notified with the “Thanks for Visiting” message with a timestamp (If the notifications are configured) marking the flow of the pre-registered visit of the visitor complete.

Automatic Check-Out

Automatic check-outs of all visitors are also possible based on configurations. For instance, in a day irrespective of visitor types, if the check-out process of all visitors within the facility should happen before the closing of the facility it is possible to configure accordingly. 

Steps to Configure:

  • Head to the Settings – > Visitor Settings – > General – > Enable the Automatic Check Out option
  • On enabling the option, a pop-up appears to mention the time to check – out all the visitors

Direct Visits Registration

When visitor is not pre-registered for the visit and randomly visits the facility on an unscheduled manner then the security personnel would perform this “Direct Check-In” flow wherein instead of entering the Invite Code, the type of the visitor can be chosen and fill in the type specific information of the visitor to grant him with the permission to enter the facility to attend the purpose.

Steps to Configure: 

  • Head to the Visitors module – > Visits tab – > Click on the “Check-In” button and choose the visitor type
  • Fill in the visitor information, if the visitor has already visited entering the phone number populates the name and email of the visitor. 
  • The host can be selected but based on the visitor type the selection of hosts can be mandated to choose from the lookup field
  •  The host will be notified on the arrival of the visitor when the check-in happens based on the host configuration preferences.
  • Once the visitor is checked-in, the visitor record appears in the Visits tab – > Today Visits and the Currently Checked-in views with the checked-in timestamp along with the check-out button to be processed while the visitor leaves the facility
  • Specific to visitor types, the host approval process can be configured for direct visitors
  • Similar to the Pre-registered visitor flow, on checking-in/out the configured notifications would be triggered and the check-in/out process remains the same across these two flows.

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