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Nomenclature for Facilities

Assets in a facility need to be named uniformly to avoid duplication. Find suggestions and standard nomenclature for naming assets in facilities.

a) Nomenclature for Facilities

It is important to decide on the naming convention of assets even before you start adding them to Facilio. Establishing a uniform naming convention is not only important but is critical in a facility where hundreds of assets are working continuously. A uniform naming convention reduces the risk of duplication and aids in seamlessly adding more assets at a later date. 

In Facilio, the following naming protocol is recommended –

Name Example
Facility Name Emerald Towers ET
Building Name Tower 1 T1
Ground Floor Ground Floor GF
Where in Ground Floor? Audio Visual Room AVR
What asset is this? Utility Meter UM
What’s the unique name/number for this Utility Meter? If there are 5 Utility Meters in this particular room, each can be named in the series of 1, 2,3… 03
Name of the Asset –    ET-T1-GF-AVR-UM-03

Through this type of naming convention, it becomes easy for the facility manager to track down the location of the asset using its name alone.

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