Kiosk Setup & Flow

Now that the Admin Visitor Management Setup is done, let us look into the Kiosk Setup and Flow.

The Check-In and Check-Out process of visitors are mostly handled by the Kiosk devices set up at the reception of the facilities by the security personnel. The Kiosks shall be, such as but not limited to an iPad or Android Tablet. 

For instance, let’s now assume the browser to be a device to walkthrough the kiosk specific functionalities/flow.

Steps to configure:

  •  For any device to be connected with the Facilio visitor management application, install the Facilio Visitor Management Kiosk App per the steps outlined here
  • Upon successful Installation, a passcode would be generated to be used to configure the device.


  • Login to , Head to the Settings – > Visitor Settings – > Device tab – > Add Device and fill in the required information such as the Name of the device, description, space, and the most importantly the “Device Type” as Visitor Kiosk.


  • The created device would be listed in the Device tab landing page and to connect the actual device the application, the passcode needs to be entered by clicking the “Connect” button



  • The device is now connected with the status reflected to be connected with options to disconnect and reconnect.


  • Once the passcode is entered and the device is connected, the browser(device) would be refreshed with the visitor management/kiosk specific landing page with two options to Check-In and Check-Out.


  • On clicking the Check-In option, it directs the user to the provide with the Mobile number or the QR code or the Invite passcode to proceed with the check-in flow


  • On clicking the “Scan QR” option the scanner opens up, post scanning the visitor details is populated on the screen.


  • Click the “Proceed” button
  • The system shall capture the visitor’s picture
  • The next step would be signing the NDA by the visitor ensuring the security policies of the facility



  • The final step would be to generate the visitor badge with provisions to print the same for the visitor to carry during his/her presence within the facility.


  • To support direct check-in flow using the kiosk device, the mobile number option can be chosen to enter the mobile number and to proceed from there on select the visitor type and to fill in the visitor information, taking a photo, signing the NDA and printing the badge with all the notifications and host approval supported based on configurations.



  • Check-Out can be done by clicking on the check-out option from the landing screen which would redirect to the screen with options to proceed further by entering the mobile number or by scanning the generated QR code.


  • On entering the mobile number which was used to check-in initiates the check-out process and triggers the “thanks for visiting us” message and would eventually update the system with the check-out timestamp

Supported Printers 

When visitor management is considered, Facilio provides in-build support to “Brother” printers for printing labels based on the visitor check-ins. The printed label badges can be worn/stuck on the visitor’s shirt, while accessing the facility premises.


The Brother printer can be configured wirelessly by mentioning the IP address of the printer from the available Wi-Fi network.Once connected, the printer will print the label badges based on every visitor check-ins happening through the visitor kiosk devices.

Steps to Configure:
  • Head to Settings – > General -> Visitor Settings – > Printers tab
  • Clicking on the “Add Printer” button will enable the user to key-in the Printer Name, IP Address, Supported Printer Model and to mention the network if it is Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Once added, the printer will be listed in the Printers tab and will be automatically connected to the network for use.


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