Learn how to configure an agent so as to provide a connected building experience through Facilio Application.

a) An Introduction

Agents play a vital role in providing you with connected building experience. They push the information collected by the sensors attached to various assets and send them to the Facilio web server. The information that is sent via the controllers contains live updates, sensor readings, weather updates and other pertinent data points that would aid in maintaining, monitoring and managing assets and space in a facility.

In this module, you will learn how to configure different types of agents (Facilio’s Java Agent or Facilio’s Niagara Plugin) that would enable you to extract data and view the same in an intelligible manner in Facilio Application.

b) More about Agents – Java & Niagara

Automation redefines efficiency. To transform your building into a connected entity, complete with automated controls and algorithms designed to reduce your workload, you will need to install and configure agents.

Facilio can work along with two types of agents – Facilio Java Agent & Niagara Framework.

i) Niagara Framework

Niagara is a popular and universal software infrastructure using which data from sensors can be easily obtained to control and automate assets within a facility. Using Facilio’s exclusive Niagara plugin, it becomes easy to integrate existing BMS data with the Facilio application. 

Configuring the settings for both the agents is similar but the initial process of installation and system requirements might differ. 

ii) Facilio Java Agent

Facilio Java Agent is an inhouse application that can be installed in your system to discover controllers and their data points and push the same to Facilio Cloud. It can connect with your existing controllers and the requisite data points from assets can be filtered and mapped to the virtual asset entities in Facilio Application. Java Agents supports the following protocols – BACnet IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, OPC XML DA, OPC UA.  

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