Account Setup

Learn how to set up your facility/enterprise/company’s profile and configure requisite security protocols.

a) Organization Setup

Setting up your organization and adding your company profile is one of the first things that you can do after signing up with Facilio. To fill out your company/organization details –

  • Head to Settings > General > Company Profile
  • Fill in the basic details such as name, address, contact information, mobile, fax, etc.
  • Timezone and Currency details are the most important information that you would be providing here. Setting the timezone will help configure work orders based on the timezone selected while selecting currency will help you pay for labour and materials.

b) User Setup

Workflows in Facilio are driven by its users. A hierarchy of users are needed to raise work orders, execute, resolve and close the work orders duly after inspecting them the same. That’s why the first requisite step to getting started in Facilio is to add users.

i) Adding Users

Users are basically people who are using Facilio application to assign work, execute work orders, provide maintenance and upkeep within a facility and to ensure everything is ship-shape.  Each user within Facilio will have a specific role to perform as per their skill/expertise such as – technicians, engineers, carpenters, gardeners, housekeeping etc.

  • To add a new user, head over to Settings > Users Management > Users
  • Click on Add User button to fill in the user detail – name, email, timezone and language details.
  • Select the role assigned to the user and assign the space that would be accessible to them. 
  • Select the team to which the user is assigned to and their shift hours.
  • Lastly, provide the contact details of the user. 
  • You can opt to send an invitation to the user to log in to Facilio by toggling the Send Invitation button.
  • If the user is a contract labourer for the facility, you can go ahead and create a labour contract for them in Facilio.

c) Security & Access

Depending on the role, experience, skill and expertise the accessibility levels can be configured. This kind of customization helps control information on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and also restrict movements of unauthorized personnel in areas where high-value assets are installed, thus making the facility more secure.

i) Roles

Two elements define the role of a user within Facilio – the user’s role, and level of accessibility within the facility.  Adding a role for the user, aids in managing the workforce within the facility and helps in creating teams. The level of accessibility for each user depends on the role that they would be playing within the Facility.

To add a new role –

  • Head to Settings > Users Management > Roles
  • Click on the button New Role.
  • Provide a Role Name and Description.
  • Next, permissions will need to be configured for the role, providing them access to various dashboards and features of Facilio.
  • You can also completely disable an entire dashboard or provide partial access to it. 
  • Click on the Toggle button to provide permission as per required and click on Save.

ii) Permission

Permission can be configured for each dashboard and functionality in Facilio. This gives you extreme flexibility to tailor a role as per the functions performed by the user in question. You can provide permissions to view multiple dashboards or partially restrict their role to edit/update entries in a few dashboards. This customization enables the facility manager to create multiple roles with diverse functions within Facilio. You can also provide the user with temporary access and remove it once a task is completed. 

iii) Accessible Space

Sprawling facilities with multiple buildings within will have many dedicated teams to handle different types of work orders (electrical, plumbing, HVAC etc.) For each user/team, an accessible space can be allocated within which they can optimally function.

Providing accessible space clearly defines the purpose of the user/team and allows them to focus on the said space. It also gives them accountability and provides them with a defined set of work orders that they need to resolve without any distractions. From a security point of view, this is an optimal solution because it restricts the maintenance personnel to one location(s) and keeps them away from spaces that do not require their services.

Note: Accessible space option can be configured while adding a user. To add a new accessible space edit the user’s name (Settings > User Management > Users)

iv) Accessible Team

For each user, you can configure the team accessible. Once this is configured, the user can function within the permissions that are provided for the team.  There are two ways to configure the Accessible Team –

  • Head to Settings > Users Management > Add User
  • Here while configuring the user’s role and permission, they can be added to a pre-existing team.
  • You can also go to Settings > Users Management > Teams

Here you can add users to a team and configure an Accessible site for them

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